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The Unseen Therapist opens two hearts - Love is my Shield"

Gratitude to Javi Santos from Spain for showing us how his own heart opened while he assisted the opening of another's. This is one of the major benefits of inviting The Unseen Therapist. Properly done, everyone benefits. I see this from time to time with the tapping form of EFT, but far more with The Unseen Therapist.​ Gary

Dear Gary: 

My client's name is Agustín. He lost a dog when he was fifteen and decided to close his heart so that he would not be hurt again. Thus we worked on the opening of his heart to be a loving man and had very good results. His wife and daughter saw the change, he was kinder to them.

One month later we were working to open more and more to all the possibilities in his life to be a loving man. For me, it was a great lesson of love and surrender to love without fears or double thinking. There was a magical sentence that appeared during our session "Love is my Shield", and then my own heart opened in a way I was not used to, breaking my own fears and letting my soul express love in a wonderful way. 

Best Regards,