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A very easy elevator phobia case

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Hi Everyone,

Here is one of our "one minute wonders" regarding an elevator phobia. A thank you to Joan Hitlin for providing it.

Hugs, Gary

by Joan Hitlin

Hi Gary,

A man called to make a one-time-only appointment during which he wanted to learn some technique that he would be able to use on his own, at home. I knew nothing about him.

I work on the third floor of a converted loft building, and the third floor here is like the fifth floor of a regular building, in terms of stairs. The only elevator is a massive, creaky, hand-crank operated one that feels like being inside a big machine. (The building was formerly an automobile manufacturing plant and the elevator was used to transport the automobiles up and down.)

When I greet a new client I usually go down to the first floor and walk them up the stairs (for weight loss clients I tell them that this is step one of the program). But it was the end of a long day, and I was quite tired, so after saying hello, I said "Let's take the elevator," and we both got on.

About three quarters of the way up, he very quietly said "I'm terrified of elevators." Well, we were almost there, so I apologized, and we continued, with him looking quite ill, to the 3rd floor.

Once we sat down in my office I said, "Well how would you like to do something about this elevator thing?" and he said "OK." So without much explanation we did a few rounds of EFT, until his SUDS [0-10 intensity] level was 1 or 0. I asked him to picture himself riding on the elevator and the intensity stayed down. I asked him if he'd like to try the elevator again, and he said "Yes."

So we went back to the elevator, and rode up and down, and his SUDS stayed at 0. In fact, he was having so much fun, that he asked if he could use the crank himself. And he did.

Then we went back to my office and introduced ourselves more fully. We worked on some of his issues, and I taught him more about EFT, and how to use it on his own.

At the end of the session , he asked me if it was all right if he took the elevator down by himself. Which he did.

Way cool!


PS: Gary, this example is from the book I am writing; if I didn't have EFT I would never have gotten over the idea that I really have nothing to say, or that someone else could surely say it better!

Joan Hitlin, MFA, CCHT




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist