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Do you want to skydive?

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Hi Everyone,

This article by Andrea Fredi from Italy is for those who want to fearlessly fall from the sky under a parachute. Note how most of his fear left while doing EFT on the ground.

Hugs, Gary

By Andrea Fredi

Hi Gary,

I’ve always been a fearful child. I was scared of doing what children normally do: climb trees, do big jumps, go for adventures. Prudence seemed to be my guide and kept me enslaved. Growing up I eased this mind trap, but it still remained in some of my thoughts and actions.

So here I am now, after some years of tapping, on holiday in Australia. I go to an agency to book excursions on the Great Barrier Reef, on the Rainfall Forest, and so on. The lady in the agency tells me about another option: Skydiving.

While she explains to me what is about, my mind begins to imagine being over there, and jumping in the sky. I suddenly experience an 8 intensity (on a scale 0-10) so I mentally tap on it. Two rounds, and goes to zero. I take a day to decide, then I go and book it.

Prior to the skydive, my mind was often peaceful. Only occasionally did I have thoughts of fear (of landing wrong, injuring myself, etc.) so I did a couple of rounds of EFT.

Here comes the Big Day, and I feel ok. I just tapped once on the fear of injuring myself. Off I go on the plane and I feel “enthusiastically relaxed.” I enjoy the moments before the Big Jump and watch the faces of the others new skydivers. I did a couple of mental tapping rounds on fear, mostly on the Kidney Meridian (Collarbone) and, to increase courage, on Liver Meridian (Under the breast).

My turn arrived, and within a second I was flying in the sky. It’s an experience that I’ll never forget, and thanks to EFT I left my fearful emotions behind me.

Andrea Fredi





Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist