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Surrogate tapping for the fear of flying

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Hi Everyone,

Judy Whitcraft taps with Hank's wife in behalf of Hank's intense fear of flying. Note that Hank was not present during this surrogate tapping session but got noticeable results anyway. Note also that Hank may be much farther along than he thinks. This may be a result of the "fear of the fear" that Judy explains near the end of her article.

Hugs, Gary

By Judy Whitcraft

For the 25 years of their marriage, "Tara's" husband "Hank" was petrified of flying. He would do it, but would be jittery and grouchy days before it was time to leave. Tara would put off packing just so he wouldn't be reminded and go into a frenzy.

Tara said Hank would not seek any help for his fear, except for taking a xanax and sleep the whole way. He would sit in the airport waiting area, silent, hands clenched on his thighs with a terrified look. Tara thought control was the main issue. Tara agreed it was worth a try to surrogate tap for him.

Note that I never talked to or tapped on Hank. The tapping was done between Tara on I over the phone. The day before the trip Tara and I surrogate tapped for Hank for about 15 minutes.  Then we surrogate tapped for him the afternoon of the flight for about 5 minutes. Tara repeated these set up phrases after me:

I am Hank, and even though I am petrified of flying, the plane is out of my control, I choose to be calm and relaxed during our flight anyway.

I am Hank, and even though I get anxious just thinking about flying, I accept all these feelings, and choose to be surprised how calm I am this time.

I am Hank, and even though I hate this out of control feeling,  I ask my mind and body to find a creative way to be calm.

Negative Reminder phrases: This is out of my control … I hate things out of control … this plane could crash.  Positive reminder phrase: I choose to be calm and relaxed anyway.

Here is the letter I received from Tara after their trip.

Dear Judy, Hank was normal (very very nervous) that day leading up to our flight that evening.  I suggested we leave early for the airport, get checked in and have a margarita and a snack at the bar.  He agreed.

He drove us to the airport; we had a pleasant drive down and I began to notice him relax.  By the time we got parked and checked in, then to the bar for that margarita, he was laughing and we were having a great time.  He did eventually take a xanax, but not until 20 minutes before the flight.  But instead of sleeping all the way there, he read a book, looked out the window - appeared very relaxed, did not sleep at all.  No hand clenching; gritting teeth; fear of death look on his face.  After we got to Burbank he admitted he actually had a good time.  The trip home a few days later was much the same. Not happy about flying, but actually relaxed. I can give you a very resounding YES,  He was very different!!!

I was thrilled to finally travel with my husband and have fun, instead of every single past trip of nursing him along and praying he wouldn't bolt before the plane took off. It made a HUGE difference.  Very noticeable to me, as his 'caretaker'. Thank you again so much!  Tara

Tara also told me that even though Hank was calm before the flight coming home, he did take a xanax. I would surmise that Hank was experiencing "fear of the fear." He was so accustomed to being afraid, that he automatically took the calming medicine, even though he was already calm.  EFT can also address "fear of the fear" quite nicely. Tara and I can do that before the next trip !

Respectfully submitted,  Judy Whitcraft




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