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It seemed like a bus phobia

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Inci Erkin, MD (from Turkey) gives us this insightful look into what appeared to be a phobia about riding on a bus. However, after some creative detective work, Dr. Erkin uncovered an embarrassing memory. It was only after addressing that memory with EFT that the "phobia" disappeared.

By Inci Erkin, MD

A married young woman, came to me with the complaint of a "bus phobia" saying she couldn't get on a bus. However, she could go to places by car or by taxi. She only had a problem while traveling on a bus.

First, I tried the following with EFT:

Even though I can't get on a bus.....

But it didn't work!

So I asked her to close her eyes and play an imaginary movie wherein she gets on a bus, takes a seat, and the bus takes off. Then asked her what she felt.

She told me that in this imaginary move she was afraid that she had an urgent need to pee (urinate) but she could not get out of the bus, wets her skirt, and is very embarressed !

So, the Setup phrase was:

Even though I am afraid I cannot control my urge to pee....

Even though I am afraid I will have to pee on the bus....

While working with EFT and diminishing the intensity from 10 to 9, 7,6.. she suddenly remembered a childhood memory. It just popped up.

At a cinema, when she was 5 years old, she was watching a movie with her family. During this movie she wetted herself! When the lights came on, she was very embarressed, till they arrived home by bus. And every family member made jokes about her for wetting herself. This teasing went on for a long time.

Then we continued with EFT:

Although I wet myself at the cinema when I was 5 years old...

Even though, when I was 5, I wetted myself at the cinema...

Even though I wetted myself at the cinema and went home by bus with giggles at me...

It took us 2 EFT work session to complete our work. She is doing her tapping every morning since then and she has no fear at all to ride on a bus..

She is very happy about that, because she saved the money she spent on taxis.


Inci Erkin, MD




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist