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Michelle LaPrise's email phobia

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by Michelle Laprise

Hi Gary,

After talking with a fellow-tapper, I came to the realization I have "email phobia." I get panicky when I see all my unread emails - especially yours. So I avoid them all and don't look at emails til I "have time". If I try to pick out the urgent ones, I would get anxious because I would see the mounting pile of unread Gary emails, and all the rest. I wanted to absorb all your priceless pearls of wisdom, "but not now"! I always download the stuff in chunks and then read it with a highlight pen. So I tapped about my email anxiety and everything else (anxiety level of 9) and it dropped to about a 2.5. As a result, I read through all my emails, including yours, printed out the ones I want to keep as reference, read that, and am moving ahead with my life.

I'm now a timely email responder. And I checked emails 5-6 times over the last week usually check once or twice, if that.)

GC RESPONSE: I wonder if something like this isn't happening with some students who actually develop a phobic response to books, tests, essays, and/or math. Some students excel in some subjects but fall flat in others. I know I never liked English or History in school. I did okay in them but I recall an emotional thud within my system every time I entered class or started some reading. Maybe it was just disinterest, I don't know. It was too long ago to tell. However, I suspect that certain subjects (or teachers) trigger some negative stuff in us which, in turn, affects our scholastic performance. It's all tappable.

My Best,

Michelle LaPrise





Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist