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Tapping to release future fears

EFt Tapping Outdated ImageNote: This is one of 3,000 articles written prior to the updated Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tapping Tutorial™.  It provides practical uses for EFT Tapping and most EFT'ers should find it very helpful.  However, if your benefits are temporary or a more in-depth approach is needed, you are urged to explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist, and/or (3) get help from a Certified EFT Practitioner.  

Hi Everyone,

Tim Watts from the UK shares a useful idea. Please note that it is essentially a version of our Personal Peace Procedure that is aimed at the future.

Hugs, Gary

By Tim Watts

Hi Gary,

As I understand it, once a traumatic incident or issue from the past has been cleared through the use of EFT, the next step would be to release fears of the future.

In my experience, I use this simple exercise to help accelerate the release of fear, and the fear of upcoming events that may trigger destructive behavioural patterns.  At the end of the day I write down (or sometimes during the day if I have a moment) anything that may come into my head that I may be partially concerned about for myself or for others.  What began was this amazing process of clearing big fears first, followed by a lot of little silly fears that were getting in the way of health, happiness, joy and essentially - God.

So, some of the fears I began with were:

I'm worried Dad is going to have a heart attack … I'm worried that I am diabetic (I've since had a check and I'm fine) … I'm worried my sister is going to be poor for the rest of her life … I'm worried Mum has a drinking problem … And so on. 

Then I used the basic setup phrase with all of these and really only tapped one or two rounds with a reminder phrase of "this fear".  Over time the fears for others and my own health, wealth, prosperity and happiness left, leaving the smaller nagging worries such as:  I'm worried I'll be late for my client … I'm worried that EFT won't work with...(client name) … I'm worried that I'll trip up on the steps and people will laugh at me

I basically went through a thorough fear cleansing process aided by tapping and the results are fantastic.  That knot in my stomach has left me for some time now, I am much happier on a far more consistent basis, my clients have commented on how healthy I look.  I enjoy great relationships with family and friends that I used to worry about.  My income has just gone through the ceiling, and continues to increase; I enjoy each day and count my blessings as opposed to worrying about what MIGHT or MIGHT NOT happen.

So, to any newcomer to EFT, I encourage you to be persistent, work on yourself and others right from the word GO, and look forward to a blessed life for you and those around you.  In my own experience fear can underlie most troublesome issues that I face - EFT handles and eliminates fear rapidly, and for good.

Blessings to you all,

Tim Watts




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist