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Tapping on a single point brought fear and pain to a halt

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Hi Everyone,

While it is usually advisable to tap on several of the EFT points for a given issue, there are times when only one point will do the job. Kiran Zehra Haider from Pakistan gives two examples of this.

Hugs, Gary

By Kiran Zehra Haider, MSE, EFT-ADV

Hi Gary,

Twice I have experienced getting zero results in a situation of acute intense fear or pain while tapping on all the points including the fingers - but got results by tapping on a single point.

The first instance involved a 7-month old infant who was terrified by a loud barking German shepherd in an outdoor cage.  The mother was surprised because the child had never cried like that and she was at a loss what to do.  I immediately started tapping on her to no avail.  When I finally realized this was an intense fear response, I started to tap on the gamut point on the back of the hand and the baby immediately stopped crying and looked at me in surprise!  She whimpered a little longer and then was fine.

In another instance, a friend of mine was visiting and experienced a sudden onset of intense acutely painful stomach cramps at a level of intensity of 10 out of 10.  I immediately started tapping on her and again got no results.  When the headache started, she did not want her head tapped on, so I switched and began tapping on her wrists, inside of her knees, and ankle points as I have seen on your advanced DVDs.  Still no results.  Finally, I thought to tap on her spleen points on the ribs beneath her breasts and under her arms.  She immediately felt significant relief!  The headache and cramps began to subside just as quickly as they had started and she was fine.

So, persistence as well as the willingness to depart from the standard procedure is what may bring results sometimes.

Kiran Zehra Haider, MSE, EFT-ADV

Islamabad, Pakistan




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist