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Stripe phobia

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by Gary Craig

Hi Everyone,

On my way out of town yesterday morning I stopped by our country post office to mail some packages. I live in a very small community (population about 500--no one knows the exact number). The post office is combined with a souvenir store where they sell candles, sea shells, knick-knacks of various kinds AND shirts with "Sea Ranch" printed on them.

While mailing my packages I noticed Yvonne (an employee of the store) wincing as she was folding some striped Sea Ranch shirts. She said looking at those stripes was as though she was looking at a very bright light that was too intense for her eyes. She had this problem for most of her life (she is about 45). Is this a "stripe phobia?" Who knows?

My time was short since I was going out of town so, without any explanation about what EFT was, I asked her to try this "weird thing" (my words). She consented. She said she would try ANYTHING. As the snickering postal employees looked on I proceeded to tap her and have her say the seemingly strange setup affirmations. Within 3 minutes she went from a 10 to a 3 and then got stuck there (at a 3). I was going to have her emphatically yell the reversal correction so we could proceed to zero but thought better of it due to the social situation that was brewing, namely, a crowd of disbelievers was gathering complete with incredulous looks. Yvonne, even though she was clearly making headway, was becoming uncomfortable. I should have known better, of course, but the little "do-gooder" in me is perpetually willing to put myself out there in the name of progress.

Anyway, I left while she resumed folding the striped shirts. There was no wincing.

Cheers, Gary




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist