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Virtual EFT on a motorbike in South Africa

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Hi Everyone,

Maureen Cram from South Africa developed an unexpected fear of riding as a passenger on the back of a motorbike. How she got beyond it may interest you.

Hugs, Gary

By Maureen Cram

My husband and I own a 750cc motor bike which we ride when we are in New Hampshire - on quiet scenic back roads and sometimes on slightly more busy roads but not on highways and not at great speed - not with me on the back anyway!

Last year on vacation I was fine on the back... doing the 'leaning thing' by looking over his one shoulder or the other depending on which way we were turning.

This year for some reason I was terrified that if I leaned even slightly we would veer too far over and we would fall over and crash and die or be horribly wounded or crippled or... well... you get the picture I am sure!

This meant that I sat rigid on the back - not good for the poor driver who could feel my lack of calmness.

I told my husband how I felt and asked him if he could drive a bit more slowly and not take the bends as fast. He said he was driving at the slowest safe speeds and understood how I felt but maybe I should tap on it!

Ha ha... I did not want to tap on this fear as I thought it was a good fear to have. I did not want to drive fast. But I did think about relaxing and doing what I did last year (lean normally when turning) which was fine.

The next time we went out on the bike it was for a full day ride (as in eight or nine hours out on the bike!) so I had to do something. Telling myself to relax wasn't cutting it at all.

So I decided, while clinging on to the bike in white knuckled fear, to try some tapping. Obviously I couldn't actually tap - biking gloves and a helmet were the physical reasons as well as not wanting to fall off the bike while tapping! What to do? Virtual tapping! I sat on the back of the bike and visualised everything.

Even though I am terrified to lean as I am sure we will crash I know my husband will not jeopardise either of us so I am working through this right now!

Even though I am really frustrated at myself for feeling this way I am working through this right now.

Even though there is no logical or rational reason for me to feel this way I do feel terrified and I am working through this right now.

Then I visualised myself tapping all the points for the reminder phrases. This feeling of terror. Feeling stupid as I know this is not rational. Husband loves me - he doesn't want to crash. I know he is a safe and competent driver. I need to let this fear go now. It is safe and easy for me to let this fear go right now. I safely and easily let this fear go right now.

I sat there thinking well... let's see how it goes when the next bend arrives. I was sure I would need to do more as this was a BIG fear.

Along came a corner... I waited... nothing! No fear at all. I just relaxed into the corner as I used to do. Bring on another corner!! This was not difficult as we were on very winding quiet roads. I got ready to tense up - nothing. Hmmm... can it really be this easy?

I have to say yes it was - as for the rest of the nine hour trip I thoroughly enjoyed myself, bends and all. We had frequent breaks to look over scenic views and husband said he could tell I was feeling different as I was moving with the bike which helped his driving a lot.

Three cheers and more for EFT!!





Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist