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Textbook height phobia case--two rounds of EFT and "Poof"

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Hi Everyone,

Here is a textbook case by Nancy Porter-Steele where an intense fear of heights is collapsed in two minutes.

Hugs, Gary

by Nancy Porter-Steele, PhD

Hi, Gary.

Not long ago, Curtis (my husband) and I were in London, and we took a ride on the London Eye, the enormous ferris-wheel type structure that takes people so high as to be able to see the outskirts of the city! I was sitting on the bench in the center of the big glass capsule we shared with about eight other riders.

As soon as we got on, I sat down on the center bench, and a lovely young woman plopped herself down beside me saying, "I'm afraid." I said, "I can cure you of that, may I?" She said, "Is it scary?" I said "No. May I touch you?" She nodded. I said "Concentrate on being scared." She said "That's easy."

I omitted the affirmations, having the feeling there was no obstruction, tapped on the top of her head, the face points, the collarbone, under the arm, the hand points, each time saying quietly "scared". I asked "If the scare was a ten when we started, what is it now?" She couldn't find it, so I asked her to make it as strong as she could. She stood up, went to the glass enclosure of the capsule, obviously felt distress and turned to me saying, "I'm scared of falling from a height."

This time, I used the affirmation, "Even though I'm scared of falling from a height ... " and then went through the basic protocol including the hand. Again testing, she went to the glass, said, "Well, at least I can stand here without feeling sick. What was that?" I told her, Emotional Freedom Technique, and gave her the website.

We were thenonly about a quarter of the way up! We then proceeded, with her gentleman friend, standing close to the glass, to examine the London sights, discussing the stadium being built away in the distance, and generally enjoying the rest of the ride. EFT and the two-minute cure on the spot, above London!


Nancy Porter-Steele




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