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EFT Newcomer takes care of her own phobia of dead animals

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Hi Everyone,

Hazel Rogers has derived many benefits from her EFT DVDs, including the elimination of an intense fear of dead animals. Note how she took the phobia apart and addressed the various aspects.

Hugs, Gary

By Hazel Rogers

Dear Gary,

I’m a relative newcomer to EFT, but am impressed and going through the DVDs as we speak.  I found it as a recommendation on Joseph Mercola’s website for insomnia.  My first go was for my standard childhood traumas. I did 3 of them the first evening, and immediately lost a huge wellspring of sadness I’d lived with since a child, but had never known I’d had.  My excitement has grown and I’ve tapped on everything since then, as you suggest. 

One of my phobias (never considered it a phobia, but there you go!) was dead animals.  I’ve never been able to deal with it, and recently gave up buying and cooking meat to make my life easier (don’t regret that, by the way).  When I was at high school, my biology teacher ended up doing all the dissections for me - I’d stand at the other end of the room and cringe!  Well my daughter’s guinea pigs died recently, and I knew I’d have to bury them.  So I tapped repeatedly on the various aspects; looking at them, opening the cage, how they’d feel to touch, the guilt I felt that they’d died (heatstroke), and finally tipped the cage up into a hole I’d dug.  I still couldn’t quite pick them up and treat them with the respect they deserved.  But previously I couldn’t have done even that without considerable stress. 

Talking with my daughter later, we unearthed a forgotten memory of my mother dissecting a gerbil while I ate breakfast as a child.  She wasn’t a sadist, she was studying biology at the time and had to do it, but I’d grown to love it anyway, and was upset about it.  So I tapped on that memory and felt clear, but didn’t have a chance to test the effect for real (thankfully).

Today as we walked down the street, we found a dead possum on the footpath.  We love possums, a common native marsupial here, and it was distressing knowing this one had died, I’d often seen it scampering along the power lines at night.  Unfortunately they occasionally get electrocuted.  Well no-one else was going to bury it, so I went home and got my shovel.  Dug the hole, and with no qualms whatsoever I picked it up and gently, respectfully, placed it in its little grave and buried it.  It was only afterwards that I was astounded; there had been no stress at all!  I’m so glad I was able to give respect to the little dead animal.

My life has changed completely in less than two months, this is only one example, and I’ve only just started. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this brilliant understanding with us.

Huge hugs





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