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Niki LaMont on a water phobia

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by Niki LaMont

Dear Gary,

Amelia came to see me because of a long standing (24 years) water phobia. She is married, they have two daughters and Amelia wanted to learn to swim. She had already scheduled her lessons.

Doing the intake with Amelia, I learned that

a) When she was about 11, a swimming pool incident occurred that in the retelling caused her anxiety level to raise to a 10+,

b) Amelia could stand in water up to her ankles. Any deeper she was in trouble, a 10+,

c) When her husband suggested maybe living on the beach, she couldn't even entertain the thought.

We went to work, using EFT and within 15 minutes Amelia could retell her swimming pool story without anxiety and her fear of water appeared to be gone. Two weeks later, and Amelia is swimming!

She did return twice for work on additional aspects. Both sessions were very short, like 10 minutes of talking and 5 minutes of EFT. She and her husband are truly grateful and amazed.

Niki LaMont




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist