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NewThink: #4 through #7

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NewThink #4: We Must Finally Listen to What Science Has Been Telling us For Decades

atomOur premiere scientists have been telling us for decades that the world is quite different from how it appears. It involves a magical kind of deception. It is an illusion.

This is a critical contribution to our NewThink because, if the world we see isn’t real...

Then We Must Question 
Every Belief We 
Have About It!

This includes, of course, our current beliefs about healing. If they are based on an illusion, which they are, then those beliefs are not to be trusted.

Our examination of this illusory world will start below with the well-known scientific fact that our senses deceive us. With this in mind, we must question the reality of what they are telling us.

From there we will move into quantum physics, our most advanced science, where we will find even more solid evidence that the world, as we know it, is an illusion. Despite what our erroneous senses so convincingly tell us, nothing is separate from anything else. There is only a grand Oneness of which we are unaware. This is critically important for us to understand because this Oneness is the home of The Unseen Therapist. In essence…

Quantum Physics Has
Located The Divine!

It has thrown open the door to our NewThink and showered question marks all over our current beliefs.