Table of Contents

Opening Thoughts


Major advancement:

Gary Craig logoIf you are a student of my original healing method, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), please know that The Unseen Therapist represents a major advancement to that process. It is deeper, broader and more efficient than EFT (or “Tapping,” as it is often called). You may have great affection for EFT Tapping because it has brought you many rewards. In time, however, you will likely replace it with this more advanced, non-tapping process. For those interested, The Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tapping Tutorial is still available on our website.  

The power of repetition:

I am a great believer in repetition. It is the most time-honored teaching tool on the planet and I use it frequently. The more you are exposed to an idea, particularly the power of The Unseen Therapist, the more easily you can learn it.

So, if you read an idea herein repeatedly, be thankful if it bores you a bit. That is far better than being exposed to an idea once and not have it take root in your memory. Because of the major importance of The Unseen Therapist in your life, I do you a shameful disservice if I don’t drum these crucial ideas home.

So…I repeat. Expect repetition in this book :-)