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Este tutorial contém links que direcionam a páginas que estão apenas em inglês. Essas páginas em inglês não são críticas para o seu aprendizado de EFT e podem ser desprezadas.

The Optimal EFT Course - The Stairway to Miracles

The Stairway to Miracles
The Stairway to Miracles

For Professionals and Motivated Self-Help Students

This book puts impressive healing in your hands and, for some, it is all you need. For professionals and motivated self-help students, however, it is just a beginning.

The Stairway to Miracles:

The next step involves graduating from our beginner’s bridge to a Stairway to Miracles that reaches well beyond this book, medicine and all man-made healing methods.

The higher you ascend this Stairway, of course, the fewer limits you will experience and the less the word “impossible” will show up in your vocabulary.

So, for those interested, a complete Stairway to Miracles awaits you. Join me on this Stairway to further magnify your abilities with The Unseen Therapist and ascend to levels well beyond your current beliefs.

The Stairway goes under the name of...

The Optimal EFT Course

... because it blends The Unseen Therapist with the most prolific tools from my original healing process, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). This blend is unique in the healing field and there is no equivalent to it... anywhere. It provides far greater abilities to achieve healing results than you can get by spending eight years and over $400,000 for a PhD from Stanford or Harvard. That’s a bold statement, I know, but it is easily defended. You’ll see.

Enhanced with a massive reference Library:

Further, The Optimal EFT Course is enhanced by a massive (and ever-expanding) reference library that includes over 100 hours of live video sessions. These videos, and other supporting materials, bring The Optimal EFT Course to life and provide answers to the inevitable questions that arise as you engage these processes for the kaleidoscope of issues presented by yourself and others.

If you wish to explore this option further just go to The Optimal EFT Course - Online Training From the Founder

We also have a hands-on Complete EFT Certification process that, with your diligence and my hand-picked trainers, can put you in the upper echelons of all healing practitioners worldwide. For details go to Complete EFT Certification

Love to all, Gary