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Serious Diseases


Touching story ends in breast cancer resolution

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This engaging article by Deborah Miller from Mexico combines comfort and compassion with creativity as she assists her client with a cancer concern. This is a beautiful story that relates childhood trauma to current day ailments. Many lessons here for everyone.

Hugs, Gary

By Deborah Miller, Ph.D., EFT-CC

Elia asked if we could do some EFT because she was worried that her cancer had returned.  A few days before, she felt discomfort in her left breast (not the one she lost to cancer 2 years previously).  It worried her.  She went to the doctor and when he touched the area that was tender he said there was something there.  Well, this comment immediately put Elia into a state of fear and panic.  She wasn’t scheduled for a radiograph for another 3 months, but asked that they do one as soon as possible.

The morning of her appointment we got together to do some tapping.  I felt drawn to ask her to include her inner child.  We called her little Elia.  I asked Elia to invite her to tap along with us, to share her concerns and needs, as well as to feel like the EFT was for her.  We began tapping and Elia immediately started to cry saying that little Elia never had a doll.  She has always felt fearful and lonely.  Elia was sent away as a child because her parents didn’t have enough money to support the whole family.  She was only 7 years old at the time.

She felt alone even though she lived with her aunt and uncle.  She didn’t understand and no one explained why she was sent away.  She remembered having to be strong and capable all the time. She couldn’t cry.  She remembered hiding her first menstrual cycle (at age 9) for shame, because no one explained to her what it was, or that she wasn’t ill.

In addition, she was told her father had an accident when in reality he had died.  She came home thinking he was ill to find him in a coffin.  How horrible for a child to witness this without explanation.  We tapped.

I asked her what little Elia thought and felt.  She felt fear.  I asked her what it looked like.  It was heavy.  I asked her where it was located.  It was in her chest, little Elia’s chest.  She felt there was something deep inside of the breast she lost.  A pain.  A hurt.  Hmmm. Breast cancer – stored fear in her chest.  We continued tapping.

Then she remembered when she told her mother that her boyfriend was going to call to ask for her hand in marriage.  Her mother hit her in the chest and she remembered being shocked that her mother wasn’t pleased for her.  We tapped some more.  I asked if there was any heaviness left in her chest.  She still felt one poking point of pain where her right breast used to be.  I asked what it reminded her of.  She said her first love - a young boy who died in an accident.  We tapped some more.  I asked what the fear represented.  She said fear of loss.  Everything in her life was about loss.  First having to leave home, then her father, then her first boyfriend.  At this point there was no pain left.

I asked Elia to ask what little Elia wanted but never got.  She wanted a doll.  She wanted to participate in the school parade.  She didn’t get to because she didn’t have a uniform.  She worked from age 12 on so she could pay for all of her expenses.  She graduated at 14.  To her surprise her family (uncle, mother, etc) put on a party for her.  Everyone got to dance but her.  She wasn’t 15 yet so they didn’t allow her to.  She wanted to dance.  Little Elia also wanted a pink rose.

I told her that little Elia could have everything she wanted because she was in a magic land where she could recreate the events and let little Elia do and have whatever she wanted.  I told her to participate in the school parade, to get a doll, to dance.  She smiled.

Elia felt that much of her life was making sure her children didn’t receive the same treatment as she did.  She understands her mother did what she had to do and with so many children it wasn’t easy.  Yet, Elia found herself giving and giving, never being able to ask for anything for herself. She still has trouble asking for help now.

Little Elia felt comfortable at this point so we continued by tapping on the EFT points but using some phrases from the Rapid Eye Technology scripts about preventing cancer and diagnosed cancer.  Elia could feel the negative ones in her chest and how the positive ones were freeing.

All the pain in her chest and stomach (nausea from anti-inflammatory drugs) was gone by the end of the session.  Even the point where the doctor had “found something” was no longer there.  She kept looking for it but it was gone.  She left feeling happy, light and joyous.

She had a radiography appointment that afternoon.  Her doctor’s appointment followed two days later.  Our hope was that she would surprise the doctors by not having anything show up.

Follow-up:  I spoke with Elia right after her doctor’s appointment.  She was glowing.  There was nothing on the radiograph.  No cancer.  She did have a bit of swelling but it was along her rib not her breast and the doctor told her it was normal for anyone.  

She couldn’t stop hugging me.  Then she told me how much she enjoyed working with little Elia. She smiled and said how great it was for little Elia to ask for what she wanted and how quickly she could get it.  Remember she asked for a pink rose.  Well, the very next day her son came home with pink roses for her.  She had tears of joy in her eyes.



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