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Serious Diseases


EFT relieves betrayal, trauma and cancer in Brazil - done via Skype

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Sonia Novinsky from Brazil normally speaks Portuguese. However, she uses her engaging form of English to walk us through how emotional approaches brought relief for her client's cancer related issues. At the end, her client writes, "I feel much better, doing chimio and practicing EFT every day. Last Friday I did a test about immune system and I am just perfect, MD was amazed because the white and red globules are perfect!" Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Sonia Novinsky

Rob (not real name), 54 yrs, asked me for a session through Skype. I am in Sao Paulo, Brazil and he lives in another country. He wrote me by email that he has a diagnostic of cancer cells in the stomach and esophagus in an early stage. He looked for a MD for difficulties to eat and acidity.

He wrote me that he was conscious that this was the result of a state of great anguish he was feeling since a year related to a divorce with Ana after twenty years of marriage. Before this, no health issues.

Ana lost her first husband in an accident. She found herself with two babies, one with 2.5 years, the other with 1 year. Rob married her and raised the children with her in a loving and harmony life. The new couple didn´t have any other child.

Since one year and a half Ana said she was not happy and want do divorce. They did couple therapy. But in December Rob felt that something was happening because Ana was strange, acting like a different person. He questioned her and she confessed she was dating another man.

At the same time his little business (Ana help him in this business but not regularly) was going through serious difficulties. He felt deeply betrayed. Since February he couldn´t eat and the acidity was annoying him a lot. In early June he was diagnosed with stomach and esophagus cancer (adenocarcinoma cells) after lots of exams.

We made the session soon after the first chemotherapy session. He was feeling fatigue, difficulties to eat, sadness. Grade 8. We started tapping for the sensations here and now, what I think is the right thing to do. Each one after the other. The sensations went to a 3-4.

It was interesting how he started telling me what happened. He said, I accept that she fell in love with another man, what I can´t digest is that she didn´t tell me anything about it till I stressed her with questions about how different she was at home. I couldn´t stand this and still can´t. I feel resentment and anger when I tell you this, like 9.

At this moment I asked him if he could narrate the specific event of this first discussion, and what he felt at the moment. As it was painful I asked him to narrate like a movie he was seeing. At the moment they were talking, a knot showed up in his throat and never went out. I realized that till now he didn´t digest what Ana was trying to tell him. And a cancer in a digestive organ is consistent. The worse part for him was not the loss but the fact that she started an affair without mentioning anything for Rob. We tapped for the sensations he felt during this event when he acknowledged that she was having an affaire:

Even though I felt frozen, shocked, paralyzed, at the moment she started talking about dating another man...
Even though I felt a knot in my throat, when she was talking about her affaire...
Even though I still feel deeply betrayed and resentful because she was dating before telling me she was in love with another man...
Even though I still feel anger when I remember this event and can´t digest it...
Even though I felt I have lost control about my life and her life at the moment she started talking about her having an affaire and I hate loosing control...

I was intrigued about how the betrayal was connecting with an event in his past. When I asked about other somatization in his past life, he told me that when his brother was born he was 3 years old and got a hepatitis. He really doesn't remember what he felt when his brother was born, but we tapped for this event because it was in some way similar: someone he needed and care was starting a new relationship (his parents with his brother), what means for a child a fantasy of loosing control.

Measuring the results of tapping we realized that fatigue was better, chest was lighter. I always check the results of tapping by two criteria, one by the number (0-10), the other by asking the client to close his eyes and feel the sensation of his chest, stomach or belly and check if he feels this part of the body less contracted, more expanded and relaxed.

Then finally he confessed he felt guilty because in his business when Ana was trying to work with him he was always controlling her and not letting her develop her own project within the business. So we tap for an event where she felt frustrated with his attitude of controlling too much and he now feel guilty for that.

Then we tap for forgiveness: He forgave him for having contributed to the growth of cancer cells, for needing to control too much, for the victimization making her feeling guilty for his cancer. He forgave her, for being human and following her desires, her impulse to be free.

We tap for the beauty and goodness of being free, free from knots in the throat, in the stomach, free from having to control and dominate others, free from feeling victimization, letting go resentment and all anger stuck in his stomach.

When we finished he was feeling no fatigue, no knot, no acidity.

I asked him to practice EFT every day, I simply wrote the sentences we worked and ask him to repeat the sentences and tap for what still was annoying him what he really did. After three weeks more or less he wrote to me:

I feel much better, doing chimio and practicing EFT every day. Last Friday I did a test about immune system and I am just perfect, MD was amazed because the white and red globules are perfect!

Since the day I started to do EFT, my energy changed completely, I started eating again (he was eating almost nothing since the February), what I couldn´t do before, so... everything is fine and will be better!

Each week I am talking with him by email and he still is improving and doing chimio with almost no side effects.

Sonia Novinsky


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