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Unseen Therapist At Work - Plus Insights

Recordings 1-50

What Is REALLY Behind Rod's Serious Disease?

This video is lengthy (nearly two hours) and is meant for SERIOUS OEFT students. It is a full, in-depth session about our major diseases and what REALLY causes them.

Many of us carry around levels of anger, guilt and other emotions that are so deep that that we don't want to recognize, or admit, that they are present. This is expensive health-wise. We can help relieve them with EFT Tapping and lighter versions of Optimal EFT (The Unseen Therapist), of course, but digging up these deeper roots takes extra courage and skill.

With gratitude to Rod for allowing this video to be shared, we can now display for you how to dig up and address these health bandits.

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Please consult physicians on all medical issues.


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