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PART V - Advanced: Polishing the Process & Expanding the Language

Using Positive Phrases With EFT


Hopefully, you are already clear that using positive phrases in your EFT language is not actually EFT.

We have already discussed the reasons for focusing on the negative, but the propensity for people to gravitate toward positive phrases seems to be strong enough to motivate a complete discussion on the subject. Reframes can sometimes look like a use of positive phrases, so before we get there, it is important to lay this foundation so you understand the differences between them.


By reading various internet variations on EFT, it is easy to see that using positive language with EFT has become very popular. People like to see new possibilities, they like to be inspired, and they like to be around others who believe in their vision. Different schools of positive thought have been developed and promoted for a long time simply because experiencing the potential to go beyond our limits is exhilarating.

Combining this exciting process with EFT seems like a natural choice, and we already know that EFT can provide the missing piece to success by launching off of the "Tail Enders" that emanate from positive affirmations. However, depending on the application, using positive language with EFT can actually dilute the astounding, long term results that can otherwise be achieved with the original EFT procedures.

The goal in this article is to distinguish the most powerful applications of EFT from the variations that rely on positive language, and teach them so that EFT professionals can deliver the high caliber results displayed in this Tutorial. In this article we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using positive language with EFT, and identify the most effective ways to use it in your practice. 

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