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The Stairway To Miracles

The Stairway to Miracles

Note: For best results, please read this series in the order presented in the accompanying left hand menu.

Stairway to Miracles
The Stairway to Miracles

Because you are reading this, you are already joining us on the steps of a majestic Stairway that leads into the bright loving lights of the heavens. This is where peace presides and the turmoils of the world fade into their own nothingness.

It is where physical ailments and disease are impossible and it is where love threads its way through our every thought. We may, for now, consider these things miracles but, as we ascend the Stairway, they gradually become routine.

This Stairway leads to the answers to every problem we think we have... health, political, financial, etc. As we learn to listen, its wisdom will resolve our every conflict so that everyone benefits in a maximum way.

It also leads to the satisfaction of every need we truly have. No one is left out, irrespective of their seemingly errant behaviors or "sins" in this world. In this loving, bliss-filled existence, there is no need for such behaviors because everyone has everything they truly want... abundantly.

And, most importantly, this Stairway leads to the awareness of our true Oneness -- our connectedness -- with each other. Quantum physics has been pointing to this "ultimate joining about which we are unaware" for decades. So have the thousands upon thousands of reported Near Death Experiences (NDEs) that you can read about in books and on the internet. There are also numerous "during life" spiritual experiences (like mine) where people "flip into" this state of all encompassing love without actually dying.

This Stairway is not "out there" somewhere. Rather it is within. It is a metaphor that helps us understand -- and ascend toward -- this awareness of our true nature. We believe we are separate but are, in fact, One.

As we climb our inner Stairway, our erroneous belief in separation gradually fades and the awareness of our true Oneness comes into focus. And along the way our physical ailments recede and we become more loving, more peaceful and more productive. When everyone does this the world will transform and words like war, poverty and disease will vanish from our vocabulary.

Fortunately, everyone can ascend this Stairway. That's one of its beautiful features. Your achievement does not depend on your level of education, personal appearance, age, personality, athletic ability or any other attribute in this world of illusory separation. It only requires...

...your motivation to study, practice
and ascend the Stairway.

Optimal EFT provides this Stairway and it is yours to use. Just Go to our Home Page and begin the steps. It has benefits for everyone, regardless of how high you choose to climb. It provides lifetime skills that will allow you to succeed where other methods fail and gives new meaning to the term "emotional freedom." It is my privilege to offer it.

 e-hugs, Gary


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