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The Unseen Therapist

A Peek at the Possibilities

Alain von der Weid

Alain von der Weid: “The Left Side of My Chest (Where They Did the Surgery) was Filled Again with Life.”

Alain von der Weid
Alain von der Weid

At the age of 7, back in the 1960s, I had major open heart surgery (one of the first surgeries for a Coarctation of the aorta ever in Switzerland). At the time, for obvious technical reasons, this kind of surgery was extremely rough and complex. It lasted 9 hours.

The post-surgery period was particularly rough both, physically and emotionally. It would be too long to go into detail here.

However, what I would like to share here is that before I learned about The Unseen Therapist, I used EFT Tapping (your previous method) very successfully on hundreds of aspects linked to this surgery and the post-surgery, and had great results. For example, since this surgery my blood pressure was always on the high side, and thanks to EFT Tapping, I was able to take it down to normal levels, and more importantly, have it stay at a normal level.

But there always seemed to be more to do… a missing piece, a sort of weight or burden that never went away. With the help of The Unseen Therapist and with my wife Diane, I was able to deal with very deep emotions related to this surgery, some of which I couldn’t find the words for. The work done with The Unseen Therapist resulted in a feeling that the left side of my chest (where they did the surgery) was filled again ‘with life.’ What a strange feeling that ‘life’ was gone from it for almost 50 years. Also gone was that ever-present weight or burden.

Alain von der Weid