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Art of Delivery Videos

About the Online Art of Delivery Videos

Advanced Material • Convenient Access • Flexible Pricing
35+ Video Hours •  Borrowing Benefits (Easy EFT) •  Surrogate EFT

Common Questions & Answers:

Why should I order this advanced material?  Isn't the Tutorial enough?

These specialized videos will accelerate your education, save you months or years of time and provide you with a treasure chest of creative approaches, reframes and countless examples of using the EFT tools in practice. They lift the Tutorial off the page and bring the EFT Concepts to life. Order the Art of Delivery Videos

What is included in the Art of Delivery Videos?

35+ Hours of High Level Official EFT, including...

Two New Videos
showing you ways to deliver high quality Surrogate EFT.  These priceless videos are at the forefront of EFT's future growth and, by themselves, are worth the purchase price of the entire Art of Delivery video set.  They will open many new EFT doors for you.

Eleven New Videos where Tina and I discuss in detail many important EFT concepts. They are highly practical and a must for serious students.

Eight New Full Length Demos (Videos) where Tina applies the EFT concepts in specific ways not contained in our previous DVDs. These include basic demos to aid the newcomer as well as demos using more sophisticated approaches.

Alerts and Gary's studio explanations enhance eleven of Gary's most highly sophisticated sessions that have been distilled from our previous DVDs. These bring out their many powerful subtleties and double their prior value. If you have seen our previous DVDs, you will appreciate the time savings and ease of learning that this new focus provides.

Easy EFT: The eleven best Borrowing Benefits videos from our previous DVD collection.  These tap along videos are ideal for self-help with EFT as they require only a knowledge of the tapping points.  Follow the simple instructions and they can be used and re-used for thousands of issues.

Bonus Videos are added from time to time.  Order the Art of Delivery Videos

How do the built in Alerts enhance my EFT education?

For additional clarity, I have added numerous blue and white alerts within my eleven most sophisticated teaching videos.  These signal you when I am employing the important tools that you will learn in this Tutorial, e.g. Reframing, Testing, Specific Events, Taking the Edge Off, the Tearless Trauma Technique and so on. To see how these will accelerate your EFT education, just play the brief video below.  Order the Art of Delivery Videos

[GTvideo video=ArtDelAlerts]

How do Gary's studio segments enhance my EFT education?

I have interjected many studio segments within my eleven included sophisticated videos wherein I give detailed comments on the sessions as they unfold. I point out my behind-the-scenes thinking during the sessions and bring out the subtleties so that you don't miss a thing. It is like attending the session while looking through my eyes. The video below gives you 4 examples.  Order the Art of Delivery Videos

[GTvideo video=ArtDelComments]

Why is this material presented in convenient online form and not on DVDs?

While there are pros and cons to every form of delivering videos, we chose the online route, rather than DVDs, for these important reasons:

1.  Online videos are conveniently available wherever there is an online computer.

2.  We can update them easily without your having to order new DVDs.  This saves you time and money.

3.  They cannot be lost, scratched, stolen or misplaced.

4.  They are much easier on the environment than DVDs.

5.  Shipping costs are avoided because there is nothing to ship.  Order the Art of Delivery Videos

How much viewing time am I allowed?

You are allowed a generous 1,000 hours of viewing time to study the 35 hours of videos.  This is vastly more than you will need.  In the unlikely event that you will need more hours, you can re-order them at a low price (because they are flexibly priced).

The 1,000 hours limit, although more than adequate, is necessary to avoid the huge bandwidth costs that can occur if someone gives their login information to large numbers of other peopleOrder the Art of Delivery Videos

Can I use the included Easy EFT (Borrowing Benefits Videos) for self help?

Yes!  Included are 11 full video sessions (30-60 minutes each) specially designed for those who want many of EFT's benefits without learning EFT's details.  This process is known as Easy EFT (some call it Borrowing Benefits) and allows you to identify issues of your own and then tap along with the on stage client.  If you follow the simple instructions, the results can range from surprisingly good to superb.  Interestingly, it doesn't matter whether the on-stage client has the same issue as you.  In fact, it is often preferable that the issues are different.  Join me in the video below for more details.  Order the Art of Delivery Videos

[GTvideo video=ArtDelBB]

Explain the included Surrogate EFT videos and how they take healing to new levels?

Surrogate EFT allows us to successfully tap on ourselves for other people's issues.  We have two complete session videos to make this crystal clear.  One is with Betsy who comes on stage and allows us to ask questions about her issues.  Then she leaves the room for 15 minutes while we tap for her as a group.  When she returns, the issues have vanished.  Every piece of this process is detailed for you.

The other session is with Bobbi who came on stage with substantial back pain.  The video below contains a quality preview of her experience.  Order the Art of Delivery Videos

[GTvideo video=ArtDelSurrogate]

What do you mean by flexible pricing?

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