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Official EFT Tutorial

EFT Bonus Articles

Surrogate EFT

What is it?

EFT Surrogate Tapping image
Surrogate EFT: Tapping on yourself
for another person's issue,
whether or not they are present

You are doing Surrogate EFT when you tap on yourself for another person's issue, whether or not they are present.  This is an exciting element of EFT and points us toward levels of healing that are well beyond EFT, medicine and anything else this world has to offer.  It is the springboard into higher levels of spiritual awareness and the soothing, ever-present peace that is our spiritual birthright.

I say this because Surrogate EFT is not possible unless we are somehow connected.  For example, how could I tap on myself and generate relief for your headache unless there is some connection between us?  The connection may not be visible, like an electric cord, but it is obviously there.  To me, this is glowing evidence of the Oneness principle that permeates so many spiritual doctrines.  It lifts us into a grander experience that forms the foundation for the spiritual thrust of this website.

How to Do It

The mechanics of pulling this off are quite simple.  No need to spend time "getting into the space" of someone else.  No mantras or anything else are required.  Just make the mental assumption that you are someone else.  You can do this in less than a second.  Then begin using EFT for those issues just as though you were the other person.  You can also have entire groups tap for someone else's issue and this can add some power to the process.  The video below shows surrogate group tapping in action.





Certain uses should be obvious.  Examples would be animals, pre-verbal children and people for whom you have little or no access (e.g. prisoners, mentally incapacitated people, people who are sleeping or in a coma or undergoing surgery).  You won't have information on their Specific Events unless you have such knowledge prior to using EFT.  However, you can imagine these foundational roots and you might be surprised at how successful this can be.

I've found this process to be particularly good for physical discomforts.  If a dog, for example, is limping with a hurt paw, you can simply assume you are the dog and use EFT surrogately as though your "paw" was hurting.  There's a good chance the pain will improve or vanish altogether.

Crying babies on airplanes can also benefit from this process.  I've done this many times and, while I don't get 100%, my success ratio is quite high (80% or so).

I've also been successful using it for Specific Events.  If the clients are able to tell me their Specific Events, I can tap on myself surrogately and, upon testing, the stings of their Specific Events usually fade or vanish.  This is yet another way of helping a client through their issues with minimal pain.  Do this a few times and you will become a real believer in this process.

Another use is for those clients who think this tapping process is silly and thus rebel against it.  To them, EFT isn't "real therapy."  In such cases, you can perform standard talk therapy ("real therapy" to the clients) while mentally tapping your own EFT points on their behalf.  This will take some practice, of course, but you will be pleased at how much better your talk therapy sessions progress.


"But don't I need permission to do this?", you might ask.  "Shouldn't I get an OK from the clients, or God or the Universe?"

Well, sure, if you think it is really necessary.  However, I rarely bother with this because I have never seen any negative results from this process.  The worst that I've seen is "no result."  It's as if there is a built in barrier that doesn't allow healing if it is deemed inappropriate by the clients' systems.  There are other reasons which you will see in the video below.




Creative Uses

Use your imagination with Surrogate EFT and see where it takes you.  It can be a fascinating ride.  Here are two video discussions that highlight the possibilities.  In the first discussion Gwyneth talks about a mother who collapses her young daughter's fear of water through Surrogate EFT.  The second one features Angie who "became" a relative during an EFT session with me and, later, observed dramatic behavior changes in the relative.






Copyright Gary and Tina Craig
All Rights Reserved

Please note: This Tutorial, while useful, was replaced in 2014 by my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. More efficient. More powerful. Full explanation given in my free, easy-to-read e-book, The Unseen Therapist