Deepak Chopra, MD endorses EFT

EFT offers great healing benefits.

Deepak Chopra, MD

Gary Craig Certified Practitioner of Official EFT

Preeti Roy

Miracle Shift into Love

General Practice

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Sydney Sydney, NSW, AU


"A Miracle is just a Shift in perception from Fear to LOVE" -ACIM


I have always believed that everyone has the potential to become free and choose a life of peace, joy and contentment—that’s why I chose to become a Gary Craig (EFT Founder) Certified Official EFT™ Master Fully Certified in Both Gold Standard EFT Tapping and Optimal EFT™

With more than seventeen years of experience in EFT and other energy healing modalities, I have overcome my own debilitating emotional and physical disruptions and created a life of peace and harmony and helped many individuals become triumphant in their search for relief from mental, emotional and physical problems.

I guide clients in finding their core spiritual truth, thus boosting their self-confidence, developing their natural life skills, and becoming responsible for their own emotional freedom.

I also have certifications and training in other healing modalities such as ♥Yoga, ♥Qigong, ♥Classical Homeopathy, ♥Ho'Oponopono, ♥Jin Shin Jyutsu, ♥Reiki, ♥The Sedona Method, ♥The Buteyko Method and ♥Bodytalk, to name a few. I bring the knowledge and experience from these into my sessions creating a rich holistic approach to healing with EFT.

I would ♥love to meet you and together create the state of deep peace that emotional freedom brings about. 

♥To contact me to find out more, please visit

 You are welcome to a free 15 minute introductory meeting to determine if working together is a good fit for us. :-) 

♥I look forward to connecting with you to create Miracle Shifts into Love.♥







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