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The Optimal EFT™ Course - Online Training From the Founder

Advanced work with The Unseen Therapist. Become a member and Touch the World.

Touch the World
Become a Member and Touch the World


  • Membership for serious students
  • Taught by the Founder, Gary Craig
  • Healing without limits
  • 30 in-depth self-help Lessons
  • Vast Companion Library included
  • Learn at your own pace
  • No travel required
  • Founder answers questions
  • Credential included
  • Touch the World
  • Detailed summaries below.


$1,500 (3, 6, 12, and 18 month payment plans available, 30 day money back guarantee. Includes the vast Companion Library and all its future additions.


Or call Gary first
with your questions
+1 707 227 6560

Optimal EFT is a Stairway to Miracles

Stairway to Miracles
The Stairway to Miracles

The only thing standing between you and healing miracles is your ability to use The Unseen Therapist, our non-denominational representative from the spiritual dimension. Communicate with Her properly and you are literally bringing God into your therapeutic process. Many have tried this but few have succeeded. Fortunately, Such success is now within reach of everyone.

Having read my introductory book, The Unseen Therapist, you are now standing on the beginning steps of The Stairway to Miracles. These steps reach as high as your motivation takes you...and there are no limits. Nothing is impossible.

Generate far greater healing results than if you spent eight years and over $400,000 for a PhD from Stanford.

The Optimal EFT Course coaches you up the Stairway.

 It combines The Unseen Therapist with the most prolific tools from an advanced version of EFT, my original healing process. This blend is unique in the healing field and there is no equivalent to it—anywhere. Master it and you will generate far greater healing results than if you spent eight years and over $400,000 for a PhD from Stanford. That’s a bold statement, I know, but it is easily defended. You’ll see.

With these new skills you will touch minds. You will touch hearts. And you will Touch the World.

Vast Companion Library included:

Vast companion Library included

This essential resource backs up, and adds depth to, the Optimal EFT Course. It contains self-help video sessions, demonstration videos, live and recorded webinars and articles that I have written and collected since I introduced EFT to the world in 1995. It contains over 100 hours of video and an endless list of tips, how-to's and approaches that apply to every conceivable ailment. Further, it is constantly expanding as new uses and ideas consistently come our way. More details given in the summary below.

Gary Craig
Live support from Gary

Live support:

I will be personally conducting Webinars for Optimal EFT Course members where we can join together for group work, Q&A and discussions on challenging cases. Here is where you can lift your study off the page, meet other dedicated folks and get live support. No extra charge.


Because this is a self-help study course, it does not offer certification. It is, however, a prerequisite for certification and prepares you for our full-scale $10,000 Certification process. The Optimal EFT Course Lessons and Companion Library give you the essential curriculum for this top-level, hands-on credential so you can, with diligence, study this material to climb our "Ladder of Excellence" and join the premiere healing practitioners worldwide.

Credential - Associate with Gary and display your membership:

Once a member of this Optimal EFT Course you can use the following credential on your website, social media, emails, etc. as long as you use it exactly as stated (in English only), including the live link.

I am a member of The Gary Craig Optimal EFT Course:

The use of this credential may be revoked for anyone abusing it in unethical ways.


All members of the Optimal EFT Course are encouraged to use this material prolifically. Help others, practice in private groups and use it professionally. However, to protect the integrity of the process from dilution, it needs to be taught from one consistent source. Otherwise, it becomes distorted through multiple belief systems. Thus, no one is authorized to teach it, or use it in any commercial manner, via books, DVDs, trainings, certifications, websites or other means without the written consent of Gary Craig or his heirs or assigns. Accordingly, the terms, The Unseen Therapist™, Optimal EFT™, Official EFT™, EFT Symphony™ and others are legally trademarked so that no one may teach it under these, or confusingly similar, names. Again, you may freely use it, share it and practice it... but please leave the teaching to us.


Or call Gary first
with your questions
+1 707 227 6560


Sharing Children
The price you pay is a form of worldwide sharing

What to charge - $3,000, $10,000 or more?

If I charged you what all this is truly worth, the price would be so high that few could afford it. For example, if I charged you a mere $10 for each Lesson in The Optimal EFT Course and $10 for each item in the vast Companion Library, the price would exceed $3,000. If I charged a more realistic price per item, the price would exceed $10,000. If I also charged for the future additions, we would soon get to astronomical figures and put this out of reach for almost everyone.


So, I arrived at a one time fee of $1,500, or about 15% of its $10,000+ value. This is a one time fee for the entire life of this website (including ALL future additions).

What happens to your money? Worldwide sharing:

Please know that I am not looking to get rich here. On the contrary, your membership will help me pay the substantial fees that accompany a website of this size and popularity. Anything left over can be used to further promote these vital ideas to our brothers and sisters worldwide. Thus the price you pay is a form of worldwide sharing. I am but a conduit. 

30 day money back guarantee:

To insure that The Optimal EFT Course and Companion Library are for you, you can send us an email within 30 days of your order requesting the refund of your money. It will be honored immediately. So buy it, study it, use it and then choose whether or not to keep it.



Or call Gary first
with your questions
+1 707 227 6560

Summary of The Optimal EFT Course:

Symphony Summary

Here’s a summary of just some of the how-to tools (instruments) in The Optimal EFT Course Lessons. It is followed by a summary of the contents of the Companion Library.

Getting quiet:

How to use a highly effective method for getting quiet and entering a loving space. It hastens, and deepens, the ability to shut out the competing chatter.

Using The Unseen Therapist for others:

How to use The Personal Peace Procedure for a friend or client. This is essential for professionals who work one-on-one with clients.

Using The Unseen Therapist for entire groups:

How to use The Personal Peace Procedure by yourself in behalf of an entire group of people. I’ve done this with groups of fifty or more where 65% to 90% received benefits. You can do the same.

Entire group helps an individual:

How to use The Personal Peace Procedure where an entire group helps an individual and everyone benefits.

Entire group helps each member of the group simultaneously:

How to use The Personal Peace Procedure where an entire group helps everyone else in the group simultaneously. Again, everyone benefits.

Asking The Unseen Therapist for hidden issues:

How to ask The Unseen Therapist for items that may be hidden, forgotten or repressed. Learn this one and you will greatly accelerate your abilities.

Reducing the complex issues down to doable pieces:

How to use the “Table Top and Table Legs” metaphor. This essential concept simplifies even the most complex issue into smaller, very doable pieces. Someday it will be taught in all medical schools (my prediction). You will have it first.

More on specific events:

How to discover specific events for a specific issue. This allows you to focus The Unseen Therapist’s benefits on more targeted issues. Examples: PTSD, disease X, panic attacks, anger management, a specific phobia, fear of public speaking, weight issues and hundreds more.

How to shorten a challenging issue:

How to adopt the “Generalization Effect” within your sessions. This will often shorten the process for more complicated issues. With it, you can get the same results by collapsing only one to three specific events—instead of needing to collapse ten to twenty.

How to avoid being fooled by a temporary result:

How to use ten creative ways to test your work to make sure that you have “gotten it all.” Otherwise, you can be easily fooled by a temporary or partial result that may seem permanent.

A method for seriously traumatized clients:

How to use “The Tearless Trauma Technique” to add an easy entry point into a session for a seriously traumatized client. Some people get abnormally intense at the mere mention of their issue. This process is designed to “take the edge off” that intensity so that the client and The Unseen Therapist can deal with it more peacefully.

A common sense way to uncover hidden issues:

How to use the “Tell the Story Technique” as an easy method to expose hidden or forgotten aspects of a specific event. This is a “workhorse” tool for many practitioners. Simple to use. Solid benefits.

Helping a non-feeling client:

Some people have learned to repress the intensity of their traumatic memories and cannot give you a 0-10 rating. They always report it as zero and thus you have no starting point from which to measure progress. This idea will allow you to work around the problem and provide impressive results.

What if you can't locate a specific event?:

How to help someone who can’t locate a specific event. This can be a real hindrance, especially since our process revolves around specific events. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this that, in many cases, produces even better results than a specific event.

Helping someone who "feels worse" after a session:

How to help someone who reports “feeling worse” after a session. This is relatively rare. However, should such circumstances arise, there are some common sense reasons, and solutions, to manage this and move even deeper into the true cause.

Adding efficiency to the process:

How to use “Chasing the Pain” and add efficiency to your sessions. Since physical issues and their emotional causes are linked, this reverse method can produce remarkable results.

Artistic use of "reframing":

How to use reframing to enrich the process. Here you become the true artist in this method and this, in turn, is of great assistance to The Unseen Therapist. In complicated cases, good reframing can reduce the need for many sessions down to one or a few.

How to use the complete EFT Tapping process:

This is useful for clients who consider The Unseen Therapist too spiritual or too “out there” and thus resist the method. For these people, our Gold Standard Official EFT Tapping is included. This way, you will have two effective methods for bringing relief instead of one.



Or call Gary first
with your questions
+1 707 227 6560

Summary of the contents of the Companion Library:

LibraryThe Optimal EFT Course is also backed up by a vast, and growing, Library that shows live cases using both The Unseen Therapist and Gold Standard EFT Tapping. It contains over 100 hours of video… plus… numerous articles and a cascade of true case histories written by those using the process. Here are some details.


Thirty live video webinars where others join me and The Unseen Therapist for healing a wide variety of issues. Many results, Q & A, individual and group sessions. Many people “participate” in these recorded videos as though they were in attendance at the original webinar. Since, in the Oneness state, time doesn’t exist, you are likely to generate personal results via these recordings.


Over seventy true case histories written by those using The Unseen Therapist. Each of these can be a launching pad for your own creativity.

Pain management:

Serious pain relief for two ladies (Tricia and Anne). Seven complete sessions. Watch the astonishing results and borrow the creative approaches, reframes, etc. for your own use. Here are some highlights:

  • Tricia was in an auto accident in 1994 with severe damage to her mid-back and one foot.  Surgery restored her to near normalcy and she led a pain free life (including running and yoga) until 2008.  In that year her Dad died AND a private guilt issue added yet more emotional stress.  For 5 years after 2008 she has had perpetual headaches (intensity at a 9 most of the time), neck pain (8 or 9) and back pains around 4 or 5. As you will see with Tricia, we aim EFT at the root emotional causes of her pain management issues and, after some trial and error over a few sessions, her pains subside to near zero.
  • Anne's case is important because her severe pains required her to wear a potentially fatal mega-pain-killer patch to bring relief. As you will see, aiming EFT at her many emotional issues (just as you will be doing in this course) reduced the pains so that the patch was no longer necessary. She still needs milder medications for occasional relief and we are expecting even that to fade as she continues to use EFT on her own. All this is done with her physician's knowledge and consent, of course.

Art of Delivery:

Eleven full length video sessions, each of which contain “blue and white alerts” that point out where I am testing, reframing, etc. These are first-class teaching videos and contain wall-to-wall artistic approaches. Topics include:

  • Breast cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Sexual abuse
  • Childhood abuse
  • War trauma
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Head injury
  • Hepatitis C and vaginal issues
  • Anger
  • Neuropathy

Borrowing Benefits:

Eleven sessions where you can tap along or use The Unseen Therapist to gain personal benefits. They include sessions on:

  • Relationship counseling
  • Money blocks
  • Molestation
  • Rejection
  • Putting oneself forward
  • “I can’t do anything right!”
  • Fear of making presentations
  • Social discomfort
  • Claustrophobia
  • Traumatic childhood school memory
  • Alcoholic mother and “I must fix the world.”

Emotional Overeating:

Five full sessions with overweight ladies that aim at the emotional reasons for overeating. Very informative and loaded with creative approaches.

Nancy – Grief, guilt and childhood abuse:

Twenty-two full length sessions with a lady whose problems spanned many complicated issues. These fed off each other and had to be unraveled to achieve the eventual relief. For example, Nancy’s daughter fatally overdosed on drugs in her early twenties and this gave rise to intense  grief. Further, Nancy’s highly abusive mother left Nancy with the belief that she was “bad at the core” and, of course, intensified her self-imposed guilt over her daughter’s death. These sessions were conducted using Gold Standard EFT Tapping because they were initiated prior to the emergence of The Unseen Therapist. As a result these sessions become excellent practice grounds for your own issues and the development of your skills.

Thus you can pause the videos as the tapping is taking place and substitute The Unseen Therapist for your own parallel issues. Your personal results are likely to emerge because we all have the same issues. Only the details are different.

Marketing tips and treasures:

A full day workshop covering important marketing concepts for expanding a healing practice. Here are some highlights:

  • Why can we do more business with ethical marketing practices than with the hype, overselling and/or clever advertising words that are so prevalent in marketing?
  • Properly done, ethical marketing practices will generate more clients than you can possibly handle.
  • Who may be the best marketer of our time? Oprah. Why? She is BELIEVABLE.
  • How I grew EFT from zero followers to millions without advertising or hype of any kind.
  • Central to believability is Product Congruence.  Generating congruence with what your product will and will not do.
  • Putting yourself on people's TV via DVDs, etc.
  • Three sacred marketing rules: Be believable, have an extraordinary product, achieve product congruence.
  • What are clients/customers really buying?
  • Radiation...a critical marketing mechanism. Your internal attitude WILL be picked up by your customers.
  • What does it cost to gain a new client?
  • Most clients have nearly unlimited issues. How to point these out without seeming "pushy."
  • An introduction to the value of specializing in ads.
  • Specializing in your ads brings higher quality responses.
  • Sowing seeds to let clients know all that is available to them through you and EFT. Otherwise, they are conditioned to think your skills are limited.
  • The importance of reminding (selling) the client on the results they have already gotten. Vitally important to keep them coming back and bringing referrals with them.
  • The many advantages of free sessions.
  • Advertising: a critical review of two ads.  Strength, weaknesses and tips on creating your own effective ads.
  • Reviewing a very successful ad that beautifully portrays the advantages of specializing.
  • It is a mistake to try to appeal to everyone.
  • The importance of Specialization in advertising. Clients are more focused and motivated.
  • The importance of Testing your ads.  Why it is critical to test one feature change at a time?
  • Why photos are critical in ads and what to do if you are not photogenic.
  • Cross Referrals, properly done, will generate more clients than you can possibly handle. The ins and outs of doing this.
  • The advantages of newsletters and tips for doing them.
  • Be an AUTHORity by writing something worthwhile and giving it to clients.
  • Preframing. Properly guiding clients. Without this, clients and customers walk in the door with their own expectations (that you may unknowingly violate).
  • Audience Q & A.

There's more, of course, This is a very dynamic, fast growing field and thus new ideas and content will constantly expand this entire Optimal EFT Course and Companion Library. And it's yours, including the future expansions, for the one time fee.



 Or call Gary first
with your questions
+1 707 227 6560

 © Gary Craig
All Rights Reserved