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Official EFT Tutorial

PART II For Everyone: Getting to the Roots of Your EFT Issues

Intro to Part II

Getting to the Roots of Your Issues
(Onwards Toward Another 30% of EFT's Benefits)

Getting to the Roots of your issue
Getting to the Roots of your Issues

I'm so glad you chose to explore EFT beyond the basics that you learned in Part I.  While the previous article on How to do the EFT Basics - The EFT Tapping Basic Recipe provides a useful stand alone process, it clearly has its limits.  In a way, using EFT without the refinements in this Part II is like weeding your emotional garden with a weed whacker, i.e. you can get a lot done quickly but most of it is temporary.  You may succeed in cutting off the tops of the weeds but the roots remain underground ... hiding ... regrouping ... building ... only to show up another day as a new weed.

What is confusing to many EFT Tapping newcomers is that, in some cases, the weed whacker (EFT Tapping Basic Recipe) wipes out an emotional weed well enough for the roots to whither and die.  This is apparent success with little effort.  And it appears easy.  No digging or detective work necessary.   This creates The Grand EFT Illusion we discussed earlier wherein a superficial use of EFT Tapping sometimes gets solid results.  You will see this frequently in the various EFT imitations or spin-offs that populate the internet.  See What About Those EFT Tapping Spin-Offs? 

EFT Tapping Skills 2 image

Top quality EFT Tapping professionals, of course, see through this.  They recognize that pulling emotional weeds out by the roots saves time in the long run and is much better for our emotional gardens than continuously whacking off the tops.  When the roots are gone they no longer siphon off nutrients from our emotional soils nor do they compete with the peaceful emotional plants that we can now cultivate.

This Part II will teach you effective ways to locate and dig up the roots of those unwanted emotional weeds for yourself.  It will aim you at the specifics (roots) of emotional issues so that you can move toward weed-free emotional gardens and greater levels of peace and wellness,

No two people are exactly alike and thus their emotional gardens contain weeds specific to them.  Accordingly, your gardening work is incomplete if you use only global (broad) approaches and/or the various types of canned language (EFT Tapping Scripts) that are, unfortunately, the prevalent weed whackers on the internet. You must get down to the specifics of your issue (the roots).  Otherwise, you are doing "Surface EFT" rather than Gold Standard EFT.

The above weed metaphor provides a useful description but, in reality, you are not using garden tools. Instead, in this Part II you will be  Finding Aspects within the EFT Tapping Process and Tapping on Specific Events that underlie most issues (weeds). Along the way, you will be measuring, or Testing Your EFT Tapping Work, so that you leave nothing behind. You will be learning When to Use Global Approaches to take the edge off your intensities and will do all this within the context of Being Specific With EFT Tapping so you can resolve all the details. And you will be doing all this within the context of The EFT Tapping Success Strategy and the prolific use of the The EFT Tell the Story Technique - The Workhorse Tapping Method.

Finding an emotional issue

In many cases, we have to do some detective work to find the issues and disruptions we need to address. Sometimes we can find one obvious issue, and sometimes we have to address a combination of issues until the results take hold. The upside either way is better emotional health, which means you feel better overall.

To identify the unresolved issues that need to be addressed in your case, ask yourself these three questions, and see what you find.

  • What is the biggest cause of stress in your life right now? (money, work, relationship, etc)
  • What was happening in your life at the time the issue started? (divorce, career change, accident, etc)
  • What complaint do you consistently have about the world? (people are selfish, I feel left out, greedy people step on me, I never have enough, etc)

This exercise may have revealed an obvious starting point for you, but if not, just pick something to get started. Any emotional issues you have are usually related to each other, so by addressing one, we can often find some relief on others at the same time.

Once we release the intensity from an emotional issue, the intensity of the physical symptom or current problem will often show relief as well. Again, we don’t always know which issue is “the one”, so we usually expect to address more than one before we see complete resolution on the current problem.

True emotional health is not something that can be achieved with a quick fix, a pill, or even a few rounds of tapping. On the other hand, you don’t need to be clear of all emotional baggage before your issue will respond to EFT. The point is that our approach is different from traditional health care, and we expect to keep improving your emotional health until your issue responds.

Starting with the very next article, we’ll show you how to improve your results by targeting emotional issues with EFT.

You are walking into an EFT Palace of Possibilities where new levels of healing and emotional freedom abound.  Spend some quality time here.  The impressive rewards can last you a lifetime.


© Gary and Tina Craig
All Rights Reserved


Please note: This Tutorial, while useful, was replaced in 2014 by my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. More efficient. More powerful. Full explanation given in my free, easy-to-read e-book, The Unseen Therapist