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Art of Delivery Videos

Contribute to Art of Delivery Videos

The Normal Price Is $150, But You Can Pay More or Less

Here's where you order a standard package of 120 hours of internet access to the 35 video hours contained in the Art of Delivery Videos (see "About the Art of Delivery Videos" for detailed description). You can use the excess hours to study them multiple times or share your login info (and thus the price) with one or more friends.

The normal price is $150 (about the cost of a good pair of shoes) and that will support this website and its many benefits.  It is a bargain because it would cost over $10,000 just to travel and attend all the popular workshops involved in these videos.  But you can contribute more or less than $150.  If you contribute more (such as $250 or $500), we can use the excess to bring these benefits to more people in need.  If you are financially disadvantaged, you can contribute less. You are on your honor here.  This is your opportunity to give ($150 or more) and, if needed, to receive (less than $150).

With Great Respect, Gary

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