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Using EFT Tapping Professionally

We welcome all healing professionals to incorporate EFT Tapping within their practice.  To get started, use the "Part I & Part II For Everyone" section of this Tutorial. It is written with Do It Yourself users in mind, but professional users would all begin here as well. Of course we expect you would use it on yourself before you try it on a client, so just be a Do-It-Yourself user until you are familiar with the process, and then try it with your clients.

Physical Issues:

if you are a Medical Professional, chiropractor, massage tech, or other kind of body worker dealing with physical issues, you can easily use the EFT Tapping Basic Recipe on those physical symptoms and see if you can get results. If you are working with chronic issues or diagnosed conditions, getting the most from EFT may require venturing into the emotional realm. If that is appropriate for you, then continue through the instruction, start using Tell the Story Technique on the issues, and continue on to the "Part III - Part V - For Advanced Practitioners" section. Otherwise, refer your client to an EFT Professional who can address the emotional components.

Emotional Issues:

Addressing emotional issues with others is a professional capacity and should not be taken on without consideration for the legal guidelines in your location. If you are already in business doing therapy or otherwise discussing emotional issues with your clients, then EFT will probably fit in nicely. We recommend The EFT Personal Peace Procedure for almost any case and you will have that tool in the "Part I & Part II For Everyone" section of this Tutorial. Get some experience with that and then explore the "Part III - Part V - For Advanced Practitioners" section for more.

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