The Unseen Therapist

The Personal Peace Procedure

The Personal Peace Procedure on a List of Specific Events


The main process:

We have now arrived at the main process for which we have been preparing. Simply put, we will apply The Personal Peace Procedure, one-by-one, to a list of your specific events that have caused you emotional angst in the past. This will allow you to “clean your emotional house” so that your emotional burdens, and the physical ailments they cause, will fade.

ListThis process is designed to enrich your communication with The Unseen Therapist and requires your practice and diligence. The more you practice, the better your communication. Only you can walk through these doors for yourself and, again, your ultimate results are limited only by your motivation.

Here’s what you need to do.


because this process is likely to also bring you relief from physical symptoms, take an inventory of your body and make a note of every physical symptom you have. This includes pains, disease symptoms and even discomforts that may come and go. Assess their current intensities on a scale of 0-10 where 10 is maximum intensity and 0 is no intensity whatsoever. Write down the intensity next to your description of the physical symptom. No need to be absolutely accurate here. Your best estimate will do.

This is important because this estimate will give you a base for comparison as this process unfolds. For example, what was an 8 may become a 3 or vanish altogether. These benefits can be subtle (but powerful) and can go unnoticed unless you compare them to the original intensities.


make a list of at least 30 bothersome specific events. 50 is better. 100 is better still. Make sure each specific event in that list reflects the instructions previously given above under “Identify a bothersome specific events from your past” (the further back in time, the better). Limiting each specific event to one emotional crescendo is important. If a specific event has, let’s say, three crescendos, you may divide that specific event into three parts, each to house a single crescendo. For our purposes each of these parts can be considered a specific event by itself.

As with the physical issues, write down the intensity of each of the emotional crescendos on a 0-10 scale. Do this by running the specific event movie in your mind and focusing on the emotional intensity as it occurs NOW. We are not interested in the intensity that existed when the specific event actually happened. Your current intensity is what needs to be resolved because it is your current intensity that is of concern.

If you have repressed your intensities and can’t assess the number, then guess at its 0-10 impact on you. That will suffice for later comparison purposes.


do The Personal Peace Procedure, as previously instructed, on each specific event. Do not expect perfection. Nor should you judge yourself or the process. You are practicing and will only improve with time.

Although you can do as many specific events as you want, and as often as you want, you may want to pace yourself at first. Thus, I suggest that you do up to three specific events per day and leave fifteen minutes between each one. You are looking for quality here, not speed, so be sure to do them with care. After using The Personal Peace Procedure on each specific event, run the movie again to test your intensity on the emotional crescendo as it exists NOW and make note of it. If you guessed at any previously repressed event, then guess again at its 0-10 impact on you.

If the intensity of your crescendo, or your guess at it, improves, that’s wonderful. If not, no problem. Make note of the intensity, perhaps try it again, and then proceed to the next specific event. If need be, you can come back to it later. Also, it may subside as you run The Personal Peace Procedure on other specific events. As discussed, that’s because other specific events, or parts thereof, may be related to the current one.


after 30 specific events go back to your list of physical symptoms and check out their 0-10 intensities. Chances are, some have begun to fade or become extinct. This is a sign of progress. Also, notice other things that may have changed in your day-to-day activities. Examples: Have your angers or resentments subsided? Do you now get along better with that irritating Uncle Charlie or that bothersome co-worker? Are you more at ease in social situations? Less anxious? How is your performance at work, sexually or playing tennis? Have your allergies improved? All of these and thousands more possibilities are the result of the peace that The Unseen Therapist is providing.


proceed with the same process for the next 30 specific events. Keep doing this until all of your specific events have been offered to The Unseen Therapist. Be alert as to the ease and comfort you are developing with the process. Eventually, you will create your own methods of communicating with and enjoying this endless source of love.


after you have finished your list of specific events you may wish to go back over them again. Your first time through was as a beginner. Now you have more seasoning and so your second try should bring more benefits. Add to your list other specific events that may have come up during your first attempts.


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