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The Unseen Therapist

A Peek at the Possibilities

Diane von der Weid

Diane von der Weid Gets Stunning Results for a Swollen Left Ankle, Childhood Traumas, Negative Beliefs, a Stye Under the Eyelid, Sciatica, a Sore Throat and Headaches.

Diane von der Weid
Diane von der Weid

I noticed one evening that my left ankle was quite swollen, but could feel no pain and couldn’t relate it to any fall or accident. There seemed to be no direct reason for this, but there had been many emotional things going on in my life the months before. I chose to deal with it with the Unseen Therapist and my husband (Alain) joined me in the process. I had no clue as to what might have induced this swell, so we decided to just go with what was there: the swell… and my beliefs on ‘what it could be.’ Within minutes my ankle was back to normal; that was one year ago, and the swell never returned.

Since then I have experienced the work of The Unseen Therapist on different emotional and physical issues – from childhood traumas to negative beliefs, a stye under the eyelid, sciatica, a sore throat and headaches. I got stunning results and lasting resolution for each one of these issues.

Diane von der Weid

PS from Diane: “Getting quiet, for me, was a challenging part of the process. It would often take me several tries but the result was almost always worth it. Now I can do it in moments. Gary is right. Practice is essential.