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The Unseen Therapist

A Peek at the Possibilities

Sheri Baker 1

Sheri Baker’s Client Enjoys Relief from Several Challenging Ailments Without Even Knowing When The Unseen Therapist was at Work: Kidney Pain, Kidney Stones, Blood in Urine, Gout, Eating Issues, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Eye Infection, Migraines.

Sheri Baker
Sheri Baker

My client, Elizabeth, had been dealing with a variety of physical challenges for quite a while, trying to resolve them herself through a combination of mainstream medical intervention and nutritional supplementation. Weary of the ongoing struggle to find relief, and frustrated with the lack of any discernible improvement, she contacted me for assistance with The Unseen Therapist.

In her initial communication (capitalization is hers), she outlined an extensive array of physical problems: "My kidneys hurt nearly ALL THE TIME. The number of kidney stones I’ve been creating has increased along with the frequency of visible blood in my urine. And now I’ve got actual gout with pain in my left big toe. Plus, it seems that nearly all foods in some way create kidney and other problems. Even consuming ONLY fruits and veggies, I STILL have problems. I don’t know what to eat. I’m hungry! I also have an infection issue in my left eye. I’ve been dealing with this for almost two years, and I want to be free of it as well. And if that isn’t enough, I also have pain in my neck and shoulders and the occasional migraine headache.

"The doctors want me to see MORE doctors. I actually did go see a hematologist, and that was a wasted visit. He didn’t address anything new and even when questioned, he’d say ‘that’s not my expertise, you have to see someone else.’ I realize now I must go deeper and look at emotional causes. I’m scared and need your help. Would you kindly help me?"

Over the course of a week or so, at various times unbeknownst to Elizabeth, I did some surrogate work for her with The Unseen Therapist. When I followed up to ask what she had experienced, she reported the following results, which I am happy to share with her permission.

Pain in kidneys (hurting nearly all the time):

"As you recall, I had massive pain last year from eating mushrooms. I had to cancel a day trip I had planned to take with my boys. Thanks to your work with The Unseen Therapist at that time, the pain diminished from a 9-10 to 1-2...then zero. A few days later, I managed to take the boys on that ride, and the weather was even better than the original day it was planned. The dizziness I was experiencing because of the mushrooms was also completely alleviated. With the more recent round of kidney issues, your work with The Unseen Therapist took me from another 9-10 down to a range of 0-2 which ebbs and flows."

Kidney Stones:

"In the last year, I’ve passed MANY kidney stones... including two 1 cm stones. Since your recent work with The Unseen Therapist, I have felt a couple of small ones, but have not seen them. They must have passed easily without pain because I haven’t felt them in perhaps 2-3 weeks."

Blood in Urine:

"During the worst of it in recent weeks/months, I went from dark red urine with each bathroom visit to not seeing any blood except maybe once or twice a week, and even that is fairly pale."

Gout — Pain in Left Big Toe:

"This went from about a 5 down to a 1-2. I still feel it somewhat every day, worse in the evenings. In the early part of some days, I don’t feel it at all. Later in the day... yes... but at that 1 or 2 level."

Eating Issues:

"I am happy to report improvements in this area. Very small, but improvements none-the-less! It used to be so bad that I couldn’t even eat one nut or seed (among other foods I had to avoid). Now, I can eat 4-6 nuts or a tablespoon or two of pumpkin seeds without my kidneys or my left big toe reacting horribly in pain. Here in the last week or so, I’ve also consumed far less concentrated tart cherry juice. Before your work with The Unseen Therapist, I had to drink quite a bit of it every single day. Right now, I’ve had a couple of days where I’ve forgotten to drink any at all. Then late last night, I asked my husband to make me some of his hash browns, and I was able to eat a huge batch — ALL of them! Of course, more grateful feelings went out to you and The Unseen Therapist, as they do now just thinking about this experience."

Neck and Shoulder Pain:

At the time of this particular communication, Elizabeth described her neck and shoulder pain as an 8-9 on the left and right side of both areas. Having no idea if and when I would be working on her behalf with The Unseen Therapist, she wrote:

"As soon as I woke up 30 minutes ago, I wondered if you had done any work on my neck and shoulders with The Unseen Therapist because some aspects of it finally dropped a bit. As I tune in again, wow! Now, front half of my neck is fine. Left side is much better than the right, I’m guessing a 3. The right side ebbs and flows from a 6 to a 7. And the shoulders are reflecting the same intensity as the neck.

"Upon further reflection a day or so later, Elizabeth said, ‘Wow…this is really strange. I’ve gone from the original feeling as if I’d been in an auto accident to a level that’s more like an occasional annoyance. So on the pain scale, I’ve gone from a 10 (actually, more like 20) down to a 1-2 in certain spots in my neck and shoulders. The rest of my neck/shoulders went to a zero. This is something of an ebb and flow thing, too. I sense the work you and The Unseen Therapist are doing which is thrilling! Yes, I use that word because ‘wonderful’ isn’t expressive enough."

Eye Infection:

With regard to the eye… it’s better! I had been meaning to ask if you had done work on behalf of it as well! I had been treating it with liquid antibiotic drops which helped while I was using them, but when I ran out of drops, the infection returned. The eye still has threads of aspects left, but thanks to The Unseen Therapist, there’s an improvement I haven’t seen or experienced since near the beginning of this issue two years ago."


Elizabeth experiences migraine headaches on occasion, and contacted me in the midst of one of them.

"Sheri, I’ve got a humdinger migraine, about a 9.5 on the pain intensity scale, and I’ve been doing my usual headache relieving stuff to no avail. Can you help?"

After doing surrogate work with The Unseen Therapist specifically for her migraine, I contacted her the next day to see how she was doing. Happily, she said, "I did get relief! I retired around 11:20 p.m. last night. Woke up at 1:00 a.m. with much of the migraine gone. The rest was gone by morning. Pain free! I’m so very grateful to you and The Unseen Therapist, as I am for all of the work you’ve done on my behalf!"

Interestingly, Elizabeth reports that she feels more impressive results when she does not know that healing efforts are taking place.

"Regarding your work with The Unseen Therapist, I’ve noticed that better effects are realized when I haven’t a clue the work is being done at that moment. The surrogate work you’ve been doing is simply amazing! Since I can’t constantly bombard you with the thanks… here’s some more… THANK YOU! Can’t make these letters large enough to represent how I feel! I feel like these are all gifts… and to a certain degree, some of the gifts feel as if I’m regaining some freedom!"

Sheri Baker