Bruce Lipton, PhD, endorses EFT

EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior.

Bruce Lipton, PhD

Author of The Biology of Belief.

Complete EFT Certification

The Unseen Therapist • Optimal EFT • Gold Standard EFT Tapping

Join the upper echelons of the top healing practitioners in the world.

Complete EFT Certification means just that... complete. It includes everything in The Optimal EFT Course (Optimal EFT, The Unseen Therapist and Gold Standard EFT Tapping) as well as mastery and an artistic command that goes well beyond the mere understanding of the principles. You can learn music from a book or in a classroom but, to achieve at symphonic levels, you would do well to be tutored by Beethoven, Bach or Mozart.

That's why I have chosen Sheri Baker as your personal tutor.

Sheri Baker's Client Testimonials

Alja Hopkins, Australia quote
When I think of Sheri, the first thoughts that come to mind are that Sheri represents a voice of reason and wisdom for me, and her heart is as pure as they get. ... read more
Sheri Baker is my teacher and mentor in the Complete EFT Certification training program. When I think of Sheri, the first thoughts that come to mind are that Sheri represents a voice of reason and wisdom for me, and her heart is as pure as they get. 

At the beginning of my study, Sheri suggested to me that I would be a changed person by the end of the study. It is not that I did not believe her, but I had no idea what exactly this meant for me. Not surprisingly, it has come to my awareness just how changed in fact I am. Sheri’s work with me and the study I undertook in Complete EFT Certification has in fact changed me on a profound level, but not in the way I would have expected. As simple as it sounds, it has brought me much closer to who I am on the deepest level, brought me closer to my soul, my true self and has changed both my personal and professional life in the way I see it, perceive it and live it.

Sheri’s incredible skill in fine tuning all there is that is presenting in front of her, and ability to discern the essence of what needs to be worked on and when, is perfectly aligned with universal timing. Or at least, this is my experience. I had to laugh and remind myself that of course Sheri would understand this, and, yes, of course Sheri would be the only person I would ask advice about a particular challenge I was facing and get a straightforward, direct and very clear answer.  On and on it goes, a thousand examples of a true healer, a miracle worker in action. Sheri is someone who relies purely on the realm where The Unseen Therapist lives and speaks to her. Sheri is also one of the most rational people I have met. I guess The Unseen Therapist really does not complicate answers, and in speaking to Sheri this is exactly what her teaching is like: clear, transparent, with a pure intention to target the soft spot of self-awareness. 

Sheri’s direct and caring approach with added wit and humour breaks down the ego barriers in seconds. And you’re left with the truth of who you are, how you fit into Divine Oneness and how you also perfectly fit into this world which you’re finally able to better understand. Deeply and completely accepted. 

As a person and as a professional working in the field of health, under the medical model but also in a holistic and contemporary/alternative way, I cannot, firstly, thank myself enough to have had the courage to follow this deep desire to learn EFT from where it originated and stepping onto this unique journey of learning all about EFT and The Unseen Therapist. And secondly, there are no words that can describe the gratitude I feel for Gary Craig’s work, bringing EFT Tapping to the world and subsequently Optimal EFT, and for Sheri’s mentoring and guidance. I feel blessed beyond measure.

This year of study and work with Sheri has deepened my intuition and allowed me to continue my journey with increased sense of peace, compassion and harmony that The Unseen Therapist creates for each of us. It is my hope to increasingly share gained knowledge, skills and the inner knowing with my family, friends, clients, colleagues and community.

If you would like to ask me about my experience with the Complete EFT Certification training, please send any questions you have to my email address.

Alja Hopkins
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Claudio Savarin quote
I would like to express my gratitude for this process of Complete EFT Certification. Sheri is really a wonderful teacher. I am so thankful for her commitment, patience and dedication. ... read more
I would like to express my gratitude for this process of Complete EFT Certification. Sheri is really a wonderful teacher. I am so thankful for her commitment, patience and dedication. She attended every detail, and tried to be as accurate as she could in transmitting her knowledge. She was always ready to clear any doubt, and explained the things in every possible way so I could understand the concepts while pushing the linguistic limits (English is not my first language).

She is also a loving person, compassionate, and very pleasant to work with. Not only have I learned a lot, but my intuitive connection with The Unseen Therapist has greatly improved, and my confidence level in applying EFT in general has dramatically increased. I am reaching more ‘wowful’ results with my clients, but just as importantly, the training has helped me become a happier and healthier person. When I began the training, I felt I had a reasonably good level of skill in EFT Tapping, achieving fair results with my clients. My results using Optimal EFT were not so remarkable. For that reason I only applied it with about 10% of my clients.

Nowadays I use Optimal EFT with almost all of my clients. This experience has given me a clear idea of how to keep advancing in my development as a therapist (being an assistant for The Unseen Therapist) and also shown me how to continue to deepen my spiritual growth, a process that will last a lifetime.

The gifts of this training continue to unfold. Shortly after earning my Certification in Complete EFT, I was named Director of The Gary Craig Official EFT Training Center for the Spanish language by EFT founder Gary Craig. If you are contemplating whether or not to pursue Complete EFT Certification, I would be happy to respond to any questions you may have and have included my email address for this purpose.
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Sheri Baker
Sheri Baker

I've known Sheri for years. She's fun, insightful, a fabulous teacher and has all the in-depth skills necessary to launch you into that top echelon.  She's also my personal mentor regarding The Unseen Therapist. I have high confidence in Sheri's abilities and that is why I will personally sign your certification.

Not for everyone:

However, that top echelon isn't for everyone. To reach that pinnacle requires two things: (1) a first-class trainer like Sheri and (2) a highly motivated student.

That’s why we are limiting this certification offer only to students who can communicate a strong desire to pursue the goal of mastery, accompanied by a powerful commitment and motivation to follow through. This will be accomplished through a brief but thorough interview process involving a written application and a one hour (or more if needed) conversation with Sheri. We are looking for students who want to truly “own” The Optimal EFT Course and not just be able to academically articulate its ideas.

Customized to you:

Recognizing the fact that no two people have the same educational background and experience, this program is customized to meet the educational needs of each candidate.

Thus this top level certification will NOT be conducted in a typical classroom setting wherein a standardized curriculum is taught and students are certified on how well they do the "standard school thing." Rather, this curriculum will be customized to you. It will be one-on-one training between you and Sheri where your every question is answered and your mastery of the material is assured. Further, it will be done at your scheduling convenience via phone or Skype so you never have to travel, pay hotel bills, etc. There may be some group video conferencing along the way but Sheri and I both believe that achieving that top level requires attention to details... your details. 

Sheri will likely start with your own issues, including those you didn't know you had. You will learn the true reasons why some of them seem to be stubborn and you will be professionally coached in resolving them. This is essential, of course, if you are to become one of the premiere practitioners in this field. Only when you have dealt appropriately with your own issues, will you have the necessary depth and understanding to make the most meaningful progress with others. You must "own" the idea that you are creating your own issues... and so are your clients.

Unseen Therapist
The Unseen Therapist

A Sky With No Ceiling:

In the process, you will enhance your communication with The Unseen Therapist and your whole being will shift to more loving levels. In a phrase, you will be elevated to "A Sky With No Ceiling."  Your friends will see it, your clients will comment on it... and you will feel it. This may be your biggest reward because your entire life, professionally and otherwise, will increasingly echo the peace and compassion of The Unseen Therapist.

You will also receive hands-on training regarding your clients, including those tough cases that have you stumped. I love these challenging cases because they provide outstanding opportunities for the advancement of our skills. They make us scratch our heads and cause us to puzzle over different approaches. Your progress along these lines will accelerate with Sheri's insights.

Depending on the circumstances, Sheri may consult with you on your cases or actually appear along with you in Skype sessions. And don't be surprised if you and Sheri consult with The Unseen Therapist for the ultimate resolutions.

Letter from Sheri:

Thought you might like to hear from Sheri directly. She writes...

Hello from beautiful Florida,

Gary and I have worked together for years and thus I feel privileged to help him advance true experts into the upper echelons of the top healing practitioners of the world. I've been teaching his concepts for years and take great pride in the students I have advanced along the way toward mastery.

If you and I choose to work together, it will be our mutual dedication that assures your command of this top-level material. This one-on-one attention to detail will free us from the limits of the typical classroom. In this way, all questions can be answered and true excellence can properly evolve.

When we are done, you will have a heightened sense of what is possible and will be able to deliver healing in ways beyond the beliefs of most people. When you have achieved this pinnacle, we will be proud to have you represent Gary, me, EFT and, most importantly, The Unseen Therapist.

When you are ready, we can talk.

Love, Sheri


The certification is expensive unless, of course, you compare it to an eight year program at Stanford that would cost you over $400,000. Here you will learn far more about getting results than from any university curriculum and you will do so within a year.

Certification Cost: $10,000 (monthly payments available - Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.)

This is in addition to the cost for owning and studying The Optimal EFT Course and Companion Library (prerequisites for Certification).

The $10,000 reflects Sheri's heavy time commitment in your behalf. This averages about 2/3 of her regular hourly rate and includes her preparation and behind-the-scenes work.

Application Fee: $100

This covers your written application review and initial conversation(s) with Sheri to determine program eligibility. Here you will get a solid feel for this opportunity so that you and Sheri can decide if this experience is right for you at this time.

To get started you can Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.


e-hugs, Gary


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