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    Unseen Therapist


In this book, you will find the long awaited answer for unlocking your healing power within. Anyone can learn it and, once mastered, "Impossible" Healings emerge. Even beginners can, and do, get impressive results. No drugs, surgeries or other invasive methods involved.

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It's an introduction:

We are climbing a Stairway to Miracles here by engaging the spiritual dimension (The Unseen Therapist) to provide healing well beyond our expectations. And, as you might expect, the possibilities are so vast that this book can only introduce the basics.

Advanced training available:

High-end training is available for everyone but is particularly valuable for health professionals and serious self-help students. This is described near the end of the book in our chapter entitled, "Where to From Here?"

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This book is the beginning to your new adventure and, because it enters new territory, it is consistently expanded with my free support. This includes news, tips, how-to’s, "Impossible Healings," The Stairway to Miracles and essential updates. It is the heartbeat of our process and you are invited to join us via the form below. You can opt-out any time.