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The Unseen Therapist

A Peek at the Possibilities

Kay Christopher

From Kay Christopher: Relationship Improvement: The Couple Who Fought all the Time.

Kay Christopher
Kay Christopher

Kay Christopher is a seasoned health practitioner who is expanding her skills with The Unseen Therapist. She met with a couple who were constantly fighting and, without even knowing the details, Kay engaged them in an Unseen Therapist session on these conflicts. The clients, of course, knew the issues... but Kay did not. The result astonished Kay and so she wrote me to tell me about it with this follow up.

“Hi Gary,

Recently I met with a couple that were familiar with Gold Standard EFT (tapping) and I offered to introduce them to Optimal EFT. I asked them to choose an issue and told them I didn’t have to know what it was. They whispered to each other and settled on a shared problem. I asked them to rate the problem on a 0-10 scale and they both very emphatically gave it a 10.

Shortly after we began the session the man said he was so tired from a day in the heat of the sun that he couldn’t stay awake. He apologized and said he would not be able to engage in the session after all. I told him it didn’t matter, he could sleep and it would still work. Then I proceeded to work with the woman and we invited The Unseen Therapist into the session. The issue went from 10 to 3 to zero. Then we woke up the man and asked him what number the issue was. To his amazement the issue had gone from a 10 to a zero for him. He could hardly believe it!

Two days after the Unseen Therapist session I called the woman. She said it was fine if I knew what the targeted issue was: they had been fighting all the time, and on the day of our meeting they were about to split up because of it. She reported that, since the time of our Unseen Therapist session, the fighting had stopped. And, there were other improvements, as well.

Whereas in the past the man kept bugging her about eating cheddar cheese (which she doesn’t eat), the next time he went to the grocery store he brought a different kind of cheese that she would like. That was new behavior.

I spoke with her again on the 9th day after our session and she said, ‘He and I are doing very well since the session. Amazing. He is a different person and I am, too.’ They are still getting along really well, and it feels very different to her, a great improvement. Pretty wonderful! Thanks for encouraging me to try The Unseen Therapist!!

Kay Christopher”

PS from Gary: The issues that can arise between couples are seemingly endless. Thus, new issues may arise in the future and these become opportunities for The Unseen Therapist to further beautify the relationship.