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The Unseen Therapist

The Personal Peace Procedure

Step by Step Through the Personal Peace Procedure


Caution: While The Personal Peace Procedure is designed to be gentle, some people's emotional makeup is so frail that they shouldn't engage in any therapeutic process alone. If you are among them, please attempt this process only in the presence of a qualified professional.

Important note: To save time in the long run, please devote quality effort to this chapter. It is the centerpiece of our process.

Personal Peace

This is the basic method within Optimal EFT, our highly effective companion process for climbing The Stairway to Miracles and harnessing the healing love of The Unseen Therapist. It blends perfectly with NewThink, quantum physics and Oneness. It requires no prior education and involves a simple two part procedure that anyone can learn. 


Like learning to dance:

The process involves new skills and is like learning to dance. As a beginning dancer, you may feel awkward as your body learns unfamiliar ways to move. Eventually, though, you learn your first two-step and this generates some beginner's confidence. Then comes the waltz, rhumba, salsa, quick-step and more. By practicing those new skills you uncover new vistas of expression and human experience where "impossible" dances become quite do-able. Practice produces perfection in both dancing and The Personal Peace Procedure. 

Practice is essential:

Practice makes perfect

But please understand that the power of what you are about to pull out of yourself will not manifest for you just because you are reading this book. Nor will it leap off the page and magically cure everything immediately. Practice is essential and, with it, this power can propel you up The Stairway to Miracles to pinnacles of peace that generate healing well beyond your current beliefs. 

Your potential here is immense. But remember, your highest-level benefits depend on your degree of readiness, trust and ability to communicate with The Unseen Therapist. These are like new dance steps and are all achievable. 

The Unseen Therapist sees beyond our limited perspectives:

Also, we must recognize that not all healings will be immediate or even recognizable. This is because The Unseen Therapist sees well beyond our limited perspectives. For example, if She sees an immediate healing as too threatening to your belief system, She will delay it or spread it out over time. If your ailment is covering a deeper, hidden issue that is beyond your readiness, healing will be set aside, or modified, until your readiness improves. And so it goes for many reasons beyond our current comprehension. 

Universal Limitations:

These readiness "limitations" are not unique to The Unseen Therapist. Rather, they  are "universal limitations" and also exist in all man-made healing methods. They underlie the reasons why man-made results often appear temporary, partial or non-existent. They also explain temporary remissions as well as the subconscious reasons behind secondary gain and why people tend not to take their prescribed medications. So, your readiness is part of our equation and, fortunately, both NewThink and our practicing are designed to improve it. 


This fundamental process for personal healing couldn’t be simpler. Here are the parts: 

  1. Learn to identify a bothersome specific event from your past.
  2. Invite The Unseen Therapist to resolve it. 

You will notice that physical issues seem to be missing from the process. That’s consistent with our teachings as we are aiming at the emotional issues underlying the true cause of our ailments (including diseases). Alleviating the true cause is like pulling a weed out by the roots instead of merely cutting off the top. By getting to the emotional roots, physical issues are likely to diminish or leave.

For best results, though, each of the two steps in this process needs further explanation. Let’s start with an in-depth examination of part 1. 

Part 1. Learn to identify a Bothersome Specific Event from your Past

The importance of specific events:  You might wonder why we use the term “specific event” instead of “issue” or "problem." Let me explain this important distinction. Terms like "issue" or "problem" tend to be global (general) descriptions of an ailment. As such, they tend to be symptoms rather than causes. A poor self-image, for example, is a symptom that has causes (specific events) underlying it. Thus, if it wasn't for specific rejections, abuses and other belittling events from one's past, the symptom of poor self-image would have no foundation and, without a foundation, the problem would not exist. 

A language for The Unseen Therapist: One of our prominent goals here is to communicate well with The Unseen Therapist and, for that, specific events provide an essential language. By aiming at our specific emotional causes, we are acknowledging our true contributions to the global problems and, of course, Her specific answers now give us a true measure of Her presence. Learning to do this well takes a bit of trial and error but, once mastered, you will have a permanent way to speak with your inner wisdom.  

All of this, of course, leads us to the how-to's of specific events. Learn this piece well because your use of it can spell the difference between extraordinary success and apparent failure. 

So, let’s define a specific event: It is like a short, emotionally charged, very specific "mental movie" from your past lasting a few seconds to a maximum of a minute or two. It has characters, a beginning, an end and, most importantly, an emotional crescendo (a brief spike in intensity that you can still feel). If there is more than one crescendo, shorten the movie to contain only one. 

Note: It is this unresolved emotional crescendo that tends to fester within you (often subconsciously) and replays in current time in a manner that contributes to your current issues. Properly applied, The Unseen Therapist can shift this turmoil toward tranquility and with these resolutions come an ever-increasing peace that tends to fade away our various ailments. 

  • Incorrect example: My father often abused me. (Way too general. Very little specificity. No emotional crescendo involved. Not a specific event.) 
  • Correct example: The moment when my father hit me in front of my friends at my age eight birthday party and I currently feel so angry. (Very specific. A specific event with an emotional crescendo).

To help assure that you are aiming at a true specific event, it is useful to house the wording within a sentence of this form…  

"The moment when [what happened] and I currently feel [emotion] about it."

 This will lead you right into a specific event with the emotional crescendo attached.


  • “The moment when my third grade teacher told me I was stupid and I currently feel so embarrassed about it.”
  • “The moment when I cheated on that math test and I currently feel so guilty about it.”
  • “The moment when I fell off the roof and I currently feel so scared about it.”
  • “The moment when I was molested by X and currently feel so confused about it.”
  • “The moment when I saw Uncle John in his funeral casket and currently feel so sad about it.”
  • “The moment when I was left home alone and currently feel so abandoned about it.” 

As you gain experience with this process, you will see that just about every emotional issue can be reduced to one or more specific events from your past.


  •  The fear of public speaking can be reduced to moments when you were embarrassed in front of an audience.
  • Grief over the death of a loved one can be reduced to specific conversations, or the first moment you heard of the death, or one or more scenes at a funeral, etc.
  • Anger issues can be reduced to specific moments when you were angry.
  • Guilt issues can be reduced to specific moments when you behaved inappropriately.
  • etc. 

Fortunately, it is these specific events that help prepare our issues for The Unseen Therapist. Properly done, their detailed nature serves to bring more out of hiding and thus puts more on the table for resolution. 

The emotional crescendo is key: The specific event, however, is largely a housing or container for the emotional charge (crescendo) and, ultimately, it is the emotional crescendo that needs resolution. Recall our specific event sentence... 

"The moment when [what happened] and I currently feel [emotion] about it."

The happenings (what happened) within the specific event cannot be changed but your emotional RESPONSE to those activities (the anger, grief, guilt or other emotional crescendos) can, indeed, be shifted, softened or eliminated. This is where The Unseen Therapist shines. Get specific enough with the emotional crescendos and She can knock them down with ease. And, each time She does this, your personal freedom expands and you move a bit further up The Stairway to Miracles. 

This need for emotional specificity is the reason why your specific event should contain only one emotional crescendo. To lump several emotions into one specific event is like trying to simultaneously care for every animal in a zoo. Each animal has different needs (diets, environments, etc.) and must be cared for separately. Likewise, if a specific event gives rise to both resentment and fear, it is best to deal with these one at a time. 

Often, you won't know in advance if there is more than one emotion involved. You might start with anger and then shift to sadness. That's a great sign of success because it likely means that the anger has subsided and is now replaced with a new emotion (sadness). For now, just be aware of this shifting possibility and, if another emotion shows up, start over with it as if it is another specific event with a different emotional crescendo. This will help you clean up a complex specific event. 

Rate the intensity:  We will be inviting The Unseen Therapist to resolve the intensity of each specific event i.e. its emotional crescendo. Accordingly, for comparison purposes, it will again be helpful to have a BEFORE measure of the emotional intensity for each specific event. You can assess this by running the specific event movie in your mind and estimating the 0-10 intensity of the emotional crescendo as it occurs NOW. Then write it down for future reference. We are not interested in the intensity that existed when the specific event actually happened. That's because it is your CURRENT intensity that needs to be resolved, not what it was in the past. 

Questions may arise
Other questions may arise

Other questions may arise: Most of our memories fit neatly into these specific events and so, with a few exceptions, they can be resolved or improved using The Personal Peace Procedure. However, other questions might arise that cannot be answered in an introductory book like this. For instance: (1) "What if I can't remember some specific events?" or (2) "What if some specific events don't seem to be very charged?" or (3) "What if I start with one specific event and then, in the middle of the process, switch to another?" 

These questions and much more are handled in our advanced work. (See the chapter entitled "Where to From Here?") For now, just work with those specific events that readily fall within these instructions. That should give you enough for a solid beginning. 

We will be making a list of your specific events soon so it would benefit you to read and re-read the above discussion. 

Now we turn to the second part in The Personal Peace Procedure. Once we have identified a bothersome specific event we need to inject it into a simple process where we… 

Part 2. Invite The Unseen Therapist to Resolve It. 

Please read and practice this segment several times on one or more specific The Unseen Therapistevents. It is so important that I have broken it down into 3 simple phases, each of which deserves your attention. They are like training wheels that will eventually fall away as the process merges into one seamless routine that you can use for every specific event. 

The process may seem strange at first — even awkward as in a new dance step — but once you have achieved even the smallest results, you will have launched your journey up The Stairway to Miracles. After that, your benefits will expand as far as your motivation takes you. 

Phase 1: Close your eyes, take a deep breath and just recall a loving moment. This is a way to invite The Unseen Therapist and doesn’t require a “Hollywood Moment” with angels and harps. Just recall (remember) a loving moment. That’s all. If you can’t find a loving moment then make one up. That will do.

From experience, I can tell you that She is ever present and instantly recognizes what you are doing. Thus, the mere effort of recalling a loving moment, even if it is not done “perfectly,” is seen by Her as an invitation. Some beginners stress needlessly about this because they need to “do it right” and create some kind of magical spiritual experience. Don’t be one of them. You aren't there yet and it's not necessary for results.

Phase 2: Next, shift your mental focus to your specific event and its emotional crescendo. This tells The Unseen Therapist what you want resolved. Run this movie in your mind and focus on the emotional crescendo. But take it easy. No need to cause yourself pain by running through it in dramatic fashion. If focusing on the emotional crescendo causes you discomfort, then back off the focus a bit so that it is tolerable. The Unseen Therapist is listening and can still bring clarity, resolution and peace to it. 

As a beginner, it may help to introduce a gentle metaphor into the process. So, as you focus on the emotional crescendo, imagine it to be a unwanted vibration somewhere within your body (for example, around your heart). Then imagine The Unseen Therapist sending a cool breeze of loving light that "cools" the vibration and, in your mind's eye, reduces the vibration down, down, down… to nothingness. Take about 30 seconds to do this and then repeat it again.

In time, you may develop other metaphors and, as you gain experience, you may recognize images or messages from The Unseen Therapist. If so, make note of them. They are often pointers to important related issues and/or items that are hidden or otherwise “under the table.” You can resolve them in future sessions with The Unseen Therapist.

Below is an audio session designed to step you through the above two phases. It assumes you have properly identified a bothersome specific event with one emotional crescendo AND have measured it with a BEFORE 0-10 emotional intensity rating. Pauses are built into the session but, if you need more time, just pause the audio where appropriate.



Phase 3: Test your result: Once you are done with a specific event, a simple way to test the effectiveness of this effort is to run the movie in your mind again and focus on the emotional crescendo. Look for changes and make note of them. 

The most obvious of the possible changes is that the emotional crescendo feels much better. Measure its intensity again on a 0-10 scale and compare this AFTER measure with the BEFORE measure you did previously. It may leave altogether and you may not be able to access the memory at all. If so, you have a beginner's success in moments that may have taken conventional methods weeks or months to achieve. 

As stated previously, you may also notice that the emotion changed from, let's say, anger to sadness or guilt. This is an important shift and also points to success. To be complete, you can run The Personal Peace Procedure again but, this time, focus on the new emotion. 

Another possibility is that you shifted to another specific event. This is also success because it indicates that your original specific event has been resolved or improved and now a new one is taking its place. For yet more success, just apply The Personal Procedure to the new specific event. 

What about hidden specific events?  Even though you are using specific events, that doesn’t mean you have taken everything out of hiding and put it on the table. There may be related specific events or hidden pieces that still need to be addressed. 

Solution: Happily, there is a helpful solution to this problem of related specific events and/or hidden pieces. As it turns out, you likely have many bothersome specific events in your life and, whether you realize it or not, they tend to have many things in common. For example: similar settings, similar people, similar themes, similar emotions AND similar hidden pieces. 

Thus, if you use The Personal Peace Procedure on several of your bothersome specific events, you will be interfacing with the hidden pieces from several different angles. This will bring more out of hiding and symphonically blend your results into a larger set of benefits. With persistence, this can bring longer term, spectacular gains. 

Let’s do that next.