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The Unseen Therapist

NewThink: #4 through #7

My Visit With the Divine!

DivineIt came on an October morning in 1988. Unexpected — overwhelming — glorious.

I had heard about people having spiritual experiences and I had read about near death experiences (NDEs) and other visits with the Divine, but never thought I would be so lucky as to have one of my own.

But there it was — my personal revelation — a visit with the Divine. It was my introduction to Oneness, the healing power of spiritual love and The Unseen Therapist. It set me in a new direction toward the NewThink that threads throughout this book.

The Visit:

Upon awakening that morning, I was lying in bed pondering my unrelenting list of things to do. It was an irritating experience because I had piled more pointless stuff on my plate than I could possibly swallow. I felt a tightness in my body and thought emphatically, “Who needs this?”

I know that doesn’t sound like a life changing event. I mean it wasn’t like I was drowning or about to be thrown off the top of a tall building. But, as I look back, it had one critical feature that caused my visit with the Divine. That feature was...

I Let Go of This World!

It wasn’t a suicide thought or anything like that. Rather, it was a deep recognition that there’s something nonsensical about this world; something false; something artificial. Who in their right mind, I thought, would buy into it?

My thoughts continued. This world, as we know it, is filled with fleeting pleasures while surrounded by worries, doubts, wars, pain, disease and, ultimately, death. Nothing ever seems to truly satisfy. Whatever goals we appear to achieve eventually fade in importance behind another goal — and another — and another — ad nauseam. No matter how much money one makes, we always want more. The perfect soul mate usually falls from perfection and thus fails to satisfy us. The ideal body ages and falls from grace. And on it goes.

So, as these thoughts washed through me, I let go of this world and was instantly shifted into an unspeakable grandeur. It was a spiritual thing, nothing physical about it. It was a new emotional state where the only reality was that of love.

Someone popped my bubble:

It was as though I had been living in a fictitious bubble within which existed our nonsensical world. And then — as my thoughts revealed the above absurdities and I let go of this world — it was like someone popped my bubble.

Instantly the world vanished and a new reality rushed in to fill the vacuum. It was an all-encompassing love — a spiritual love — a healing love beyond description where everything is connected within that free flowing Oneness of joy that our quantum physicists have discovered. If human love would fill a swimming pool, then this love would overflow an ocean.

Let me try to describe it.

The puppy dog ocean:

Imagine gently wading into an endless ocean of loving puppy dogs. The puppies are thrilled with your presence and can’t wait to nuzzle up to you, kiss your face, and love you endlessly. Squeals of delight, wagging tails and joyous eyes are everywhere.

Puppy dog oceanThey see only your loving essence and are ecstatic about blending it with theirs. Why? Because that blending increases their own love. True love — spiritual love — cannot be contained. To be what it is, it must be shared. So, in our puppy dog ocean, you are absorbed into a state of Oneness filled with continuous ecstasy. You become part of something far grander than your separated self.

Love is all that counts in this ocean because that’s all there is. Our fears, resentments and guilt dwindle into nothingness as this blissful state replaces them with complete protection and unconditional acceptance. Anxieties and physical ailments then become impossible because they cannot survive in an ocean of love where there are no negative emotions to cause them.

This state, this love, is where The Unseen Therapist resides on the other side of the bridge. It is that power we wish to absorb for healing purposes and this happens as we reduce our negative emotions.

To the extent we can do this, we are free. As we discard our negative emotions, and practice being in this ocean of love, we become those puppy dogs. We join in the love — merge as one with it — and play joyously and eternally with our brothers and sisters. Nothing stands between us. We are love. We are One. We are home.

It was our Real Home

In my visit with the Divine, I was in the arms of the Creator. It was awe inspiring and yet it was comfortable, somehow familiar. It was home.

I mean it was our real home, where all wisdom and knowledge resides and where The Unseen Therapist fulfills all needs. Here, worries, doubts, sickness, death and all the issues of the world are unknown.

In this realm sickness is impossible and thus The Unseen Therapist represents the perfect healing capacity of love. This blows right by our many man-made remedies and exposes us to a vast healing presence Who knows no limits. Our mission, of course, is to capture as much as we can of Her willing help.