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Jason's motion sickness

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Darlene Wade details for us a recent success story on motion sickness which I think will get your attention. My comments are interspersed within Darlene's message.

Hugs, Gary

By Darlene Wade (in Hawaii)

Hi Gary,

I love reading EFT success stories and couldn't resist sharing this one.

Last week one of my clients, a single mother of four, just happened to mention at the end of our session that her 7 yr old son vomits in the car and in airplanes. She keeps "sick bags" in her car for him. I have not done EFT with this mother. However, we have good rapport and I have also seen her children. I didn't hesitate to tell her I wanted to see her son when he returns from the mainland the following week. I told her I was certain I could cure his motion sickness. Note this is a strong statement for me to make. I have never told a client I can "cure" or "fix" their problem. However, with my experience and confidence in EFT, and with the problem she presented, I didn't hesitate to present this concrete statement. My only concern was if he could access the motion sickness feelings in my playroom, so I told her if he didn't stop vomiting in the car I would have her take us for a ride over the mountain the following week so I could teach him the process in vivo.

GC COMMENT: Often we can successfully tap for an issue even when the offending circumstances are not present. Thus tapping while at home (or a practitioner's office) for motion sickness or the fear of flying usually gets the job done. When the client eventually gets in a moving car or an airplane, the former emotional response is nowhere to be found. For an excellent example of this please review the session with Paulette's fear of flying on audio tape 1B in the EFT Course. However, sometimes the emotional response does occur in the real situation (as happened in Darlene's case). This does not mean the tapping didn't work. Rather, it is evidence that more aspects of the problem need to be addressed. That is, certain parts of the problem weren't "tuned into" while tapping at home or in the practitioner's office.

DARLENE CONTINUES: "Jason" came to my playroom on Saturday. He used his hands in each case to rate his SUD level. He first described his feeling as "dizzy". We did the PR, "even though I have this dizzy feeling I really, really love myself", then tapped the seven points. There was movement and in two rounds he was at zero (hands together). I checked for another feeling and he told me "this sick feeling". PR and two rounds and he was at zero. I checked again for another feeling and he stated, "this throw up feeling". PR and one round and, again, he was at zero. He didn't report any further distressing feelings or thoughts.

GC COMMENT: Please notice the various aspects above that Darlene addressed.

DARLENE CONTINUES: With Jason in the room, I briefed his mom and told her he would teach her the process. I sent him home (over the mountain) with a picture drawing with the seven points labeled and directions. (Just a side note, Mom did mention that her friends alluded it was impossible for me to fix this problem.)

GC COMMENT: This idea of having the client teach the EFT process to someone else is a good one. Dr. Lee Pulos of Canada regularly instructs his clients to teach the process back to him. The clients are much better off for this. It gives them a much firmer grounding in how the procedure works.

DARLENE CONTINUES: Mom works near my office and today unexpectedly came in and EXCITEDLY exclaimed, "it worked!!" She told me upon leaving my office on Saturday Jason got his normal car sickness while driving home. She watched from the rear view mirror as his face turned color.

GC COMMENT: Obvious evidence that more aspects were showing up in the real situation].

DARLENE CONTINUES: he leaned back in the seat and quietly started rubbing the NLR spot ("sore spot") for about two minutes. She said he remained quiet and she thought he didn't say his statements out loud probably to avoid being teased by his siblings. She then noticed he sat up on the edge of his seat, noticeably more alert, and began tapping the seven points. After this one round she said it was like he returned to where he was prior to the motion sickness and promptly complained about his siblings taking his balloon as if nothing had happened!

GC COMMENT: Most likely the remaining were "front and center" while in the car and became easy targets for tapping.

DARLENE CONTINUES: In addition, mom spent some time alone with Jason that night letting him "teach" her the process.

Such a simple success is so rewarding! : )

With aloha,

Darlene Wade


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