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Using EFT on past life issues

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

To some, this touching message from Cecil McGregor about tapping for past life issues will be "right on." To others, it will be "hooey." Unfortunately, neither side of the table can completely prove or disprove the existence of past lives.

I called Cecil and asked him, "How do you know your memories are from a past life and not just a fantasy or daydream?" He said he didn't know with absolute certainty but offered the following points of interest......

1. The issues presented themselves to him within the context of a past life. Whether they were *actually* from a past or life or not may not matter. Why? Because they offered a useful way of locating important issues. Whatever their true origin, tapping on them brought about substantial personal relief.

2. There is an interesting degree of "safety" when tapping on an issue from a past life because it "happened in another life" and could not touch you now.

Here is Cecil's message...

Hugs, Gary

by Cecil McGregor

I, like millions of other people, have memories of past lives - about six in total with fragments of others I haven't been able to classify. Since I have been an avid tapper for everything I could think of in this life, I decided that some of those less than great memories of past lives could also benefit from this incredible therapy.

I have a memory of being a slave boy about 3,500 years ago in the Middle East. I worked in a quarry. Dangerous work. I was frequently abused, malnourished, neglected and in general lead a much less than satisfactory life. I died of dehydration and sickness in the broiling sun. I had done work on this life before to collect and cherish the learning and to carry that slave boy around to show him the wonders of modern life.

Then I started tapping on all the yucky aspects. I first tapped on anger in general, then on specific instances as I remembered them. I tapped on my parents that I never knew. It was not their fault they could not raise me, they were slaves also. I tapped on my comrades and their inability to help me. I tapped on the slave handlers and concluded they were only slightly above slaves themselves and did not really know better.

Somewhere in this process many tears started to fall.

I kept on tapping for the sadness, for the blaming, for the shame, for the incredible loneliness I felt, for the sense of abandonment and injustice. And I started crying and crying - tears of release. Even as I write this, the tears of joy start to flow. Many, many heavy sighs and deep breaths over and over again.

And then I started tapping on forgiveness. I forgave everyone, unconditionally. The brutal slave owners, the handlers, my missing parents, my fellow slaves, ... everyone - unconditionally.

My aura started to flow an incredible white and electricity shot throughout my entire body as this forgiveness process proceeded. This was evening but the light from my aura lit the room. And still my tears flowed.

I felt incredibly cleansed. I felt really pure. I don't know how long I sat there, crying, swaying, bathing in the light, sensing the electricity.

I have memories of being enlightened in another lifetime. So I started applying those feelings and sensations of enlightenment to the slave boy. How did he feel? What color were his dreams? How did the enlightened life compare to the slave boy and I started transferring feelings, sensations, the very qualities of existence to the slave boy.

The slave boy's environment began to change from a dry, unfriendly desert to a softer jungle setting. Jungles full of chaotic life and potential. Vines started to grow with an beautiful fountains springing up and fruit trees sprouting effortlessly. The visual and emotional transformation continues to be so beautiful. The slave became employees and the former slave owners joined our village in celebrations.

An incredible release!

Cecil McGregor


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