Before You Begin

A Priceless Gift

A special dedication ... a thank you ... for those pioneers
whose efforts have helped launch EFT.

“We are on the ground floor of a Healing High Rise”

You and I have been given a priceless gift.

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Unfortunately, we will never meet some of our benefactors because their essential contributions were made over 5,000 years ago.  These brilliant people discovered, and mapped, the centerpiece of EFT, namely, the subtle energies that course throughout the body.

These subtle energies are also the centerpiece of acupuncture and, as a result, EFT and acupuncture are cousins.  Both disciplines are growing rapidly and, as time unfolds, they are destined to have a primary role in both emotional and physical healing.

In more recent times, some other dedicated souls have advanced our use of these ancient techniques.  Principal among them is Dr. George Goodheart and his many fine contributions to the field of Applied Kinesiology, a forerunner to EFT.

Dr. John Diamond’s work gets exceptional applause because, to my knowledge, he was one of the first psychiatrists to use, and write about, these subtle energies.  His many pioneering concepts, together with the advanced ideas from Applied Kinesiology, has formed the foundation upon which this new Healing High Rise is being constructed.

Dr. Roger Callahan, from whom I received my original introduction to these energy tapping procedures, deserves all the credit history can give him.  He was first to bring these techniques to the public in a substantial way and did so despite open hostility from his own profession.  As you might appreciate, it takes heavy doses of conviction to plow through the ingrained beliefs of conventional thinking.  Without Roger Callahan’s missionary drive, we might still be sitting around theorizing about this “interesting thing.”

It is upon the shoulders of these giants that I humbly stand.  My own contribution to this rapidly expanding energy psychology field has been to reduce the unnecessary complexity that inevitably finds its way into new discoveries.  EFT is an elegantly simple version of these procedures that professionals and laypersons alike can use on a wide variety of problems.

We are on the ground floor of a Healing High Rise and thus we have much to learn.  Accordingly, I am indebted to the many EFT practitioners that have tirelessly contributed their innovations to our web site (  They are taking us to new levels.

e-hugs, Gary

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