Official EFT Tutorial

Before You Begin


For many reasons, Certification is not offered through this website.  

Fortunately, Gold Standard EFT training and certification can be found at Tina Craig's website where she offers her popular EFT Certification program.  This is the only true EFT Certification from the source.  Highly recommended

Otherwise, numerous websites, trainers and organizations offer varying degrees of EFT Certification on the internet and you are welcome to pursue any or all of them.  They are all independent of me and, unfortunately, the quality varies so widely that an "EFT Certification" from these second or third hand facilities may not have the impact you might like. 

Is there an alternate credential if I don't need official Certification?  

Sure.  You can simply say ... "Student of Gary Craig's Gold Standard EFT instruction at" (be sure to include the active link).  Please do not use this credential unless you are, indeed, an active student and practice this Tutorial in detail.  Otherwise, you are misleading the public.

Hope this helps, Gary

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