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Working together on vertigo

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

While EFT can usually be successfully self-applied, Mair Llewellyn (from the UK) emphasizes a case where working together provided additional insights. Even though vertigo is the presenting problem here, please notice that the real issue centers around getting on an airplane after the client visited with her children.

Hugs, Gary

by Mair Llewellyn

Rena one of my lovely colleagues willingly offered to share this unexpected experience of healing through peer support.

How often have we felt we can, and successfully do, use EFT to heal ourselves without the assistance of another therapist? However, sometimes we do need another's help.

At the beginning of January Rena contacted me for some help with her vertigo. As an excellent healer herself, she had already made considerable inroads into this problem. However, Rena felt there was still some unresolved issues. She arrived armed with a Louise Hay book which she shared with me. When we looked through this book, specifically Chapter 15 - "The List", several manifestations of her physical problems (her knee, dizziness and tinnitus) appeared to hang together psychologically in a very interesting way. What happened in the next 40 minutes seems rather hazy to us both. However, the outcome was not in the least bit hazy--as you will discover.

Rena began by discussing the balance in her life of caring for others and herself and became quite tearful. We tapped on the words she had been using as her emotions came to the surface. "Even though its easier for me to give than receive, I truly love and accept myself" The reminder phase included "hard to receive" and "feeling burdened". As we did our first round together Rena said she felt she was not worthy. We tapped on the statement "Even though I feel I am not worthy, I truly love and accept myself".

After reducing the emotional intensity of this we took a few moments to consider the tinnitus problem. She described it as more like buzzing, or vibration through the whole of her face and head. As she shared this, I asked her if this sound or feeling reminded her of something She said, "Yes it does, but I don't know what it is".

After a moment's pause for reflection on this she became very tearful and said, "It's the sound and feeling of flying. I'm on my return flight after seeing my children". (Both of Rena's children live at considerable flying distances away in separate locations.) "The distress that I have felt is on the immediate return flight after leaving my children - silent tears on so many aircraft - but especially on the small and vibrating noisy propeller planes from Key West". We tapped on "Even though I have to leave my children to return home again, I truly love and accept myself".

As Rena calmed through this tapping procedure she said, "I cannot just step onto a plane, can I?" So we tapped on "Even though I cannot just step on a plane, I truly love and respect myself". After tapping a few meridian points Rena stopped and laughed and exclaimed, "I guess I can!"

We completed our time together with an adaptation of Cook's hook up (Loretta Sparks shared this EFT extra on this list a few weeks ago) and some relaxation therapy. Then we anchored warm comforting feelings with this physically relaxing position.

A week later Rena 'phoned to say, "Thanks it has really helped me and I have continued to get better every day. The sounds have quietened, and I have this feeling of knowing that it is going to go away more and more". Rena also discussed how helpful it was to be able to recognise within herself the how, the when and the why if the buzzing/vibration should return. This has given Rena the insight to tap on other older feelings stimulated through this therapy.

Two weeks later the vertigo has gone and the sound gets less and less. It is also interesting to note how much better Rena feels about this distance situation and even feels that conversations with her children now, are without pain and pressure.

One of the important reasons Rena wanted to share this experience on Gary's list was because she felt that without peer help she would not have gotten further with this problem by treating it herself. She feels that as professional therapists we sometimes need the stimulus from another professional to help us. So that, at whatever level we are at in our lives, we need to be open to the possibility of asking for help for ourselves. Rena said "In order to get the help that I needed, I simply listened to and obeyed the inner voice 'Call Mary, see Mary'" We owe it to ourselves, our loved ones, and our clients to recognise this need when it arises.


From my point of view as the therapist, I found it very different working with a colleague. I noticed that I was responding differently from when I work with a client (for example, I didn't write down our progression, or the set up statements we used). It seemed to be more of an equal partnership - a walking and learning together. Then suddenly the light shone on us both. We had experienced a joint revelation showing from where this physical sound and sensation was coming.

Mair Llewellyn


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