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Weight Loss

Personal EFT Marathon

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Virginia Sabedra offers this recent experience with a personal "EFT Marathon." She and her sister perform EFT for weight issues while driving for an hour and a half in a car. The tapping leads them from tail ender to tail ender on a journey that revealed many "behind the scenes" issues. To me, overweight is not a problem in and of itself. Rather, it is a symptom of other issues, many of them hidden. Personal EFT Marathons may be a great way to bring them out.

Virginia was kind enough to detail her experience for us. You may find it quite helpful.

Hugs, Gary

by Virginia Sabedra

Hi Gary,

Thought I'd share an experience I had a few weeks ago with EFT and my sister. My sister came to town to visit me. Since I had planned on taking a 'fun' class in Oakland (approx. 98 miles from Sacramento, where I live), I asked my sister if she'd like to take the class as well. She jumped at the chance and on Saturday morning, we got up early, got in the car and headed for Oakland. As soon as we were on the freeway, I told my sister that I was concerned about some weight I was gaining and if she would like to work on this with me. She said she'd love to because this is an area she would really like to work on as well.

She was a little familiar with EFT. The only experience she had was the time I visited her last year at her home. When I arrived at her house back then, I found her with extreme pain in her shoulder and arm. She couldn't move her arm without pain. First thing I asked her was "what is it that you are shouldering?" She laughed and then I guided her through EFT for about 20 minutes as her pain and stiffness melted away.

Anyway, back to the car and driving to Oakland. The drive is about one and one/half hours long. We began EFT with the first thought about weight that popped into our minds. We EFT'd it. Then that brought up another and another. Thoughts, beliefs, feeling, ideas, about weight and food abounded. "This belief that food is bad," "This belief that all I have to do is walk past a bakery and I gain weight," "This belief that the older we get the wider we get," "This fear that I'll never be slim and trim," .... Tail-ender after tail-ender. We discovered that even the tail-enders have tail-enders.

After ninety minutes of tapping, laughter, sadnesses, surprises, revelations, we arrived in Oakland and headed for our class. (We wondered what the people in other cars passing us by had thought about us, two women in a car tapping their faces and upper bodies while mouthing words. We concluded that pretty soon tapping in cars will be a familiar sight). By the way, I was driving very carefully.

After our most excellent class we headed for San Francisco to have dinner. Then we headed home for another hour and a half of EFT and weight. You will not believe the 'stuff' that came up with us both working on the same issue. When one of us came up with a 'super-meaningful' tail-ender, we'd encourage one another with "Ahhh, that's a good one," or "Oooooh, that hits home for me," and so on as we just continued on and on, tapping, releasing and releasing and tapping, both of us throwing things into the "pot", all the Gunk about weight, food, women, traditions, holding on, getting your money's worth, etc. It was an amazing, eye-opening, revelation inducing process about all the 'stuff' we had stuffed ourselves with. As well as all the 'stuff' that we allowed to be stuffed into us.

This is getting too long, so I'll summarize the rest.

1. The next day, both my sister and I commented on how our San Francisco dinner had been different somehow. We thoroughly enjoyed our food, yet it was different. There was a freedom or lack of any thought about fat, fear, calories, and so on. Yet, we were observant of the food. It had a presence to it. We 'loved' the food and how it was prepared. We ate differently in mind and body. I can't explain it well, except to say that a shift of some sort had taken place.

2. The next day my sister's visit ended and she left.

3. About four days later, I called my sister and asked if she had noticed anything about going to the bathroom. She stated that now that I had mentioned it, yes. She hasn't been constipated. I reported the same thing. Since our marathon, I have been regular. I mean nice and regular. I had always had a problem with this. My sister has always had a problem also. Yet, we both reported a cessation in constipation since our 'EFT Marathon." (weight related? In this case, I'd say so.)

4. My sister and I are planning a second Marathon on the same subject to see what else comes up and what results we will get, or where it will lead. As we realize we have years upon years, and generations upon generations of worn out, old, outdated beliefs, ideas, feelings, & notions to release.

5. I would say that during our marathon, we released months, perhaps years, worth of work on the subject of falseness, illusions, & negativity around weight and food, AND OTHER related subjects that automatically came up. (In fact, I'm still processing to this day).

6. I have stopped gaining weight. Constipation wise, I am "nice and easy" now. I spontaneously bless the food I eat. I ask and expect my body to process the food I eat and to let go of all that I don't need and all in a healthy way, and I am learning to appreciate myself in many ways.

7. I know that I am not "done" yet with my work. And, this is okay because as we work we continue to seek, explore, savor, experience, learn, appreciate, heal and live.

Again, this is still longer than I wanted this post to you to be. But, I have to tell you, this experience gave me the idea to conduct EFT Marathons on various subjects. I conducted an EFT marathon on the subject of money in my office with a small group and it went very well. The collective consciousness of two or more people working and tapping on the same problem or subject has proven to be so powerful. Can you imagine where these EFT Marathons can be oh so useful?

Gary, thank you for your 'electronic ear.'

Thank you for your grace and love.

Virginia Sabedra


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