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The Unseen Therapist

NewThink: #4 through #7

Message From The Unseen Therapist to You

I consulted with The Unseen Therapist frequently while writing this book. My constant questions involved what to say and how to say it. Accordingly, this book is a collaborative effort. At one point I asked Her to speak more directly to you. Below is the result. 

It is not a word for word dictation. Rather, I listened for content — Her ideas — and put my words around them. It provides a summary and adds further emphasis to the essential messages herein. It also introduces some thoughts about which I will elaborate later.

 From The Unseen Therapist

Your approach to healing is flawed because you are looking in the wrong place for a cause.

The Unseen TherapistThe true cause for all your emotional and physical ailments is in the mind and nowhere else. This is simple, straightforward and somewhere within you, you know it is true. You are tempted to ingest an endless number of pills and undergo radiation and surgery in an attempt to counteract undesirable chemistry or adjust body malfunctions. These become unnecessary if you have corrected the true cause.

It is your mind that manifests everything in your life, including your body and all its pains and pleasures. I know it doesn’t seem that way but you will come to know the truth of what I say. Your mind is the command center of your body and determines the things you seem to perceive. You can use it to perceive either our Oneness or the erroneous state of separation. For now, you choose the latter.

Your world unfolds as your mind dictates and your mind acts according to your beliefs. If you have difficulty believing that, it is because you are comparing what I say to your existing beliefs, all of which are based on an illusion and preventing your proper healing.

You and I share the same Source. We are One with all the other bodies that seem to occupy this illusory planet. You are not a body. You are part of a mind which, at the core, is immensely powerful. As a result, your thoughts can do anything, including the imaginary creation of a universe filled with separate things and separate bodies.

This you have done and, until you proceed across the bridge toward Oneness, you will be limited by your current thoughts. I will help you across the bridge and will do so gently, step-by-step, into a splendid world that is currently outside your awareness.

This belief in separation is the cause of every problem you see. This includes not just your health, but also your politics, poverty, wars and everything else as well. There is no separation, only a Oneness that joins us all. Your beliefs, including those about healing, are all based on the illusion of separation and thus are illusions themselves. That is why they need correction.

I am here to show you the evidence for what I say and, with your practice and cooperation, will join with you on a healing journey that will transcend everything you currently believe about healing.

A few things must be understood.

FIRST, I love you beyond anything you can currently imagine. I am love and so are you. It is our joint love that brings about your healing. You have hidden your love behind false doors but we will open those doors as our process evolves.

NEXT, together we can resolve any health problems you think you have. It doesn’t matter what label you give them. Cancer and migraine headaches are no different than the fear of heights or an anxiety issue. That’s because they all have the same cause, an unforgiveness of some kind. Unforgiveness can only result from the conflicts that occur while you dream you are separate from the Oneness in which you truly exist. A fish can live out of water for a while but struggles to do so. It resumes life once it returns to its natural environment. I represent your natural environment and will teach you, through healing, how to resume your life as it was intended.

NEXT, unforgiveness takes many forms in the separated world. It is the central player in what you call anger, resentment, guilt, fear, trauma and all other forms of negative emotions. Together we will resolve your unforgivenesses but will often do so using these emotional labels that are familiar to you.

NEXT, you don’t have to believe anything I say but you do need to practice communicating with me. It is through this practice that we can properly address the true cause of what you think are your problems. Your belief will grow as you observe the healing benefits of our work together.

NEXT, in your illusory state of separation you are mostly unaware of the needless pain you have caused yourself through your unforgivenesses. Many of your damaging thoughts are below the surface and, for our purposes, are at least partially hidden from view. You have forgotten some of them and others appear so routine that you don’t consider them a problem. Some are too painful to recall while others are on the surface and readily seen.

NEXT, I cannot resolve any issues, or portions thereof, if you choose to hide them. Your beliefs and various forms of “emotional protection” are part of your free will and it would be unloving for me to interfere with your choices. However, I will assist you in accessing your issues and removing them from hiding. This way we can put more “on the table” so I can help you resolve them.

NEXT, I cannot take you any further than your readiness allows. Your readiness, however, will improve as we practice together.

FINALLY, our healing journey is a process. You have so many beliefs that are contrary to the truth that it would be unrealistic to expect all issues to vanish immediately. I repeat, then, the necessity to practice.

~ ~ ~ ~

A few more thoughts.

Our communication needs help. You do not yet know how to listen to me. I will help you correct that.

I listen to you constantly and know all your wishes. I also know all your problems, including those you think you have as well as the real problem underlying them. Your main source of information is from others who also believe they are separated. These often take you in the wrong direction because you are asking for advice about how to transcend the illusion from others who are also immersed within it.

I know the cause of all your ailments and am perpetually providing solutions that are easy, gentle and sure. You rarely hear me, however, because you are distracted by the constant voices of separation. I represent our true Oneness, the opposite of what you think you are, and this causes you to resist my guidance.

At some level you do not trust me. You are worried that I may unravel your belief in separation and thus erode the tumultuous world to which you have become accustomed.

And you are correct.

To you, the Oneness seems unfamiliar and it appears that you are being asked to give up the world you have made — despite the pain, disease and death that accompany it — for something far grander, but unknown. This can cause serious doubt, insecurity and unrest. I understand.

That is why the process is a gradual one.

It involves the bridge between your current world of separation and your natural home of Oneness. You can cross this bridge as far as you like and pause, quit or resume as you see fit. I will help you cross the bridge but will never interfere with your wishes.

Through our practices you will gain more comfort with my presence. You will collect expanding evidence in the value I bring as you see tangible results with your issues. It may be slow at first but, as you gain experience hearing my guidance, you will confidently move forward across the bridge.