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The Unseen Therapist

NewThink: #4 through #7

NewThink #6: The Unseen Therapist is Ultimately the Only True Healer

The Unseen TherapistThe Unseen Therapist has been integrated throughout this book so, by now, you should have a good idea of Her abilities.

She is, of course, the true therapist within our process. Earthly health practitioners, whether professionals or self-help students, learn to work by Her side and become Her valued assistants. This is in direct contrast to our current beliefs that therapists, doctors and other health practitioners possess the ultimate key to healing. They do not. NewThink insists that this key rests with The Unseen Therapist.

I have watched The Unseen Therapist at work — both for myself and others — ever since I was first introduced to Her during my 1988 revelation.

At first, my ego thought I was just getting better at the therapy process because of my privileged visit with the Divine. I labored under that perception for many years and didn’t realize that “my results,” however extraordinary many people considered them to be, were really “Her results” and all I was doing was opening the door to Her presence.

Fortunately, my ego has gradually subsided and that has allowed me to observe, in gratitude and wonder, many other features of The Unseen Therapist. I give those observations below.

Her Many Other Features


She understands our erroneous allegiance to the belief in separation and patiently accepts our stumbles as we awaken to our natural Oneness state. Thus, to get results, you need not be in a hurry nor are you required to 100% believe in the Oneness concept nor any other spiritual idea in this book. Everyone has their own pace as well as their own degree of skepticism and resistance. You need only be open. She will work within your degree of readiness.


She never criticizes or fights. Nor is She combative in any way. She gently nudges and never forces. She makes available to you the possibilities and awaits your acceptance of them.


You cannot confront Her as She has nothing to defend. To Her, love is the ultimate truth. It is the essence of Her (and our) being and needs no defense to be what it is. Skeptics often want to challenge this but go nowhere because She does not engage in the debate.

She never judges:

 To do so would thwart the very peace She represents. Judgment compares and inevitably brings about levels of better or worse. Peace, to Her, involves the omission of judgment.