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Back Pain Relief

Intense back pain and numbness

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Larry Stewart, D.C.H., a newcomer to EFT (about two months), reports this instructional experience with his wife's back pain. My comments follow Larry's message.

Hugs, Gary

by Larry Stewart, D.C.H.

Hi Gary,

Two weeks ago, at 8:00 on Saturday morning, I awakened to hear my wife's cries of pain. Shirley had picked up a stack of magazines, and in the process, had pinched a nerve in her back (she's done it before) and was lying on the ground, crying from the pain. I almost called an ambulance, but I decided to see if I could offer some immediate relief from some of the pain. She rated the pain as a solid 10, and numbness in the toes, an 8 on the big toe and 10 on the small ones.

We tapped, no change. We tapped again, maybe a little relief. About 15 rounds of tapping and we had her to a 1 on the pain, 0 on the numbness in the big toe, and 2-3 on the smaller toes. She rested and continued to tap every few hours through the weekend. We finally got her to the doctor and the Chiropractor on Monday.

For the next few days, anytime the pain crept up, she would tap. She continued to tap for the numbness. Ten days later, she is starting to be able to walk normally again. When this has happened before it meant days in bed followed by months of pain and numbness. I'm convinced EFT helped, at least to relieve the neuro-muscular tension that accompanies the injury.

Larry Stewart, D.C.H.

GC COMMENT: When speaking with Larry on the phone I commented favorably on his persistence (he kept at it for 15 rounds). This sometimes makes the difference between impressive results and no results whatsoever. Many people give up after 2 or 3 rounds despite my repeated pleas in the EFT Course regarding persistence. They are looking for "one minute wonders" and become disappointed when they don't appear every time.

It was Larry's thought that EFT helped to "relieve the neuro-muscular tension that accompanies the injury." That's my observation as well. I don't know if we actually repair any physical damage (it's possible that we do, though) but I have seen numerous cases where pain that appears to emanate from obvious physical damage is either substantially reduced or eliminated through tapping. It's as if some form of unresolved emotional issue is creating muscle tension which, in turn, pushes and pulls on the joints, ligaments, etc. in the damaged area. Once the emotional tension is relieved, physical relaxation often occurs along with the client's report of relief from the pain.

The EFT Course is loaded with examples of this and, along this line, students may wish to review again the session with Cathy on audiotape 1B in the EFT Course. As you recall, she suffered from a back injury for 24 years before using EFT. She tried every known intervention she could think of and nothing gave her relief until she started tapping.

Also, it's often worthwhile to look for specific emotional issues that may be contributing to the pain. To this end I often ask....

"If there was an emotional contributor to this pain, what would it be?"

This often leads me straight to an issue which provides dramatic relief from pain. Here's an example.

3 years ago Adrienne and I were giving a workshop for therapists. To test us, some of the therapists brought their "tough clients" for us to work with us--one of which was a middle aged lady who had been in a severe automobile accident two years prior. I remember her telling me that she had a metal plate in her neck and that her right arm was beset with pain that was ALWAYS at a 9 or 10. I mean ALWAYS. It never let up.

We used two rounds of EFT on the arm pain. No result. I then asked her,

"If there was an emotional contributor to this pain, what would it be?"

She didn't hesitate even an instant to come out with an angry tirade about the driver of the car that hit her, the incompetence (her view) of her physicians and on and on. There was nothing subtle about her anger. Her face took on a red complexion and the veins stood out on her neck. If she was a volcano, I would have evacuated the room.

So we did two or three rounds (about two minutes total) on the anger and she quickly calmed down. She spoke of the incident in much calmer terms AND....THE PAIN IN HER ARM WENT TO ZERO. Further, her therapist phoned Adrienne two months later and reported that the arm pain had remained at zero.

The intense anger was apparently manifesting itself as arm pain. Some might consider this link between anger and arm pain to be mere coincidence. That is, we "just happened" to do something for the anger and the arm pain "just happened" to subside. That argument might hold some water if this type of thing only happened on rare occasion. However, we do this repeatedly with EFT. Our web site is loaded with examples. It ain't coincidence.

This link between physical ailments and emotional issues is obvious. In fact, the link is so clear to the experienced practitioner that in many cases a client can be helped by coming in through either the physical door OR the emotional door.

It's nice to have choices.

Cheers, Gary


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