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Joanna Czaijkowska

Joanna Czaijkowska Resolves Two Big Anger Memories While Jogging.

Hi Gary,

Joanna Czajkowska

Today I was listening to some of your Unseen Therapist materials while jogging. While doing so, I experienced a healing of two ‘big’ anger memories. Before I started running I had asked God/The Unseen Therapist to heal these memories in a way that is best for me. I asked for insight, knowledge, understanding and changing my attitude. I got all of that... while running :).

What a wonderful way to heal! No need to do anything else. Thank You Gary!



Today, after about 24 hours from the “healing while running” experience, I tested these two anger memories. I imagined them in a vivid and exaggerated way and they both had a ‘3’ intensity. A few hours later I went for a walk and again was listening to your Unseen Therapist materials. I did the same thing as a day before - I asked The Unseen Therapist for a healing and stayed very open and willing to let go of any negative emotions. I checked these memories again about seven hours later and the intensity was and still is at ‘0’.