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Robert Rother

Robert Avoids Kidney Dialysis.

Robert Rother
Robert Rother

I lost my right kidney some 6 years ago due to a removal of a tumor the size of a child’s head.

Unfortunately, my remaining left kidney never worked properly, even since childhood, and its ability to clean my blood deteriorated more and more. About 2 years ago the deterioration approached serious levels and my kidney specialist told me to anticipate dialysis.

According to my doctors, it might be possible to slow down that deterioration but I would not be able to return into a healthy state. In short, it was downhill from there. I decided to take over the full responsibility for my health, left the path of established medicine and started my work with The Unseen Therapist.

During this process a feeling of absolute trust occurred between me and The Unseen Therapist and, within days, doors started to open providing me with the right information showing me a path into new health.

In essence, I received a whole toolbox of ‘recipes’ for my condition and these led to dramatic improvements.

For example, I started with a blood cleaning value of 2.0 (Creatinine Clearance). This is the level of kidney failure where one must consider dialysis severe. Within 6 weeks the values started to improve to 1.34 (Crea) which was a better result than I had ever had, even before my kidney removal (when my Crea value was 1.43!).

Thank you Unseen Therapist! – Thank you Gary!

Robert Rother