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NewThink: #1 through #3

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Este tutorial contém links que direcionam a páginas que estão apenas em inglês. Essas páginas em inglês não são críticas para o seu aprendizado de EFT e podem ser desprezadas.

NewThink Intro

New DirectionDramatically new innovations are often met with skepticism. This is because old, cherished beliefs must be questioned and new thinking, or NewThink, must take their place. That process can be filled with excitement because it’s fun and invigorating to think in this new territory.

Nonetheless, resistance to such shifts is common and understandable. We tend to like our old beliefs, even if they don’t always serve us well. We are used to them. They are comfortable and represent what we believe, and hope, is true.

That’s why my primary task here is to establish the NewThink foundation for you. It is not, as you might expect, to establish the validity of our healing method; that is the easy part because you can experience its undeniable validity through simple practices on your own issues.

To facilitate understanding, I have broken our NewThink concept into several digestible pieces. Each follows the other in logical sequence.

However, be prepared. NewThink is likely to challenge many of your beliefs.