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Severe foot pain and swelling resolves after addressing fears and anxiety about moving forward in life

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Colleen Flanagan's ex-prostitute client had major emotional issues about moving forward in life and this showed up in her body as pain and swelling in her feet. Note how Colleen makes partial progress until she finally discovers an important specific event in her client's past.

Hugs, Gary

By Colleen Flanagan, EFT-ADV

Dear Gary,

Walking a new life path can be daunting.  I’ve worked with several clients suffering from foot and leg pain which was manifested by current or past fears of feeling unsafe walking their life path or moving out of a painful relationship or unfulfilling job.  After the fears are released, the physical pain may completely vanish or merely lessen to a level of intensity of 1 or 2 out of 10.  As illustrated below, sometimes the body needs time to heal even though EFT has released all fears causing the physical pain.

After an EFT demo at a safe house for rehabilitated prostitutes, “Vivian” approached me about her severe foot pain and swelling.  Her doctor found no physical reason for the pain, which began after Vivian got off the streets, began her addiction recovery and felt well enough to search for a legit job.

When I asked if she felt unsafe now, she said she felt extremely afraid of starting this new life.  As her fears mounted, the foot pain and swelling increased, keeping her at the safe house, unable to wear her shoes and go to any interviews.  Vivian was open to trying EFT and we used these setup statements:

Even though I’m afraid I’ll mess up the interview or on the job and get fired…

Even though I’m afraid of being rejected by employers for jobs I really want…

Even though it’s scary starting a new career, I choose to look at this as an adventure on my new life path…

Even though I’m afraid my new co-workers will reject me if they find out what I’ve done in the past…

Even though I’m afraid my new male co-workers will hit on me if they find out what I used to do for a living…

Even though I’ve scared myself with all these crazy fears about things that never happened and may never happen, I now choose to release them and be a confident, empowered woman…

After we finished the last setup statement and both laughed, Vivian said she felt safe going to interviews and starting a new job.  Her foot pain had subsided to a level of intensity of 6 out of 10, but she felt anxious and couldn’t tell me why.  I explained to her that I was going to use surrogate muscle testing (SMT) to identify her subconscious fears.  SMT indicated that an event in June 1983 triggered her anxiety and the remaining foot pain.  I asked her if she could recall any traumatic events at that time.

Vivian said that was when she’d married her boyfriend against her father’s wishes.  Soon afterward, her new husband began “drinking and swinging”, physically and emotionally abusing her.  When she fled to the safety of her parents’ house, her father told her she wasn’t welcome there as she didn’t follow his advice.  Without any money or a place to go, she had to return to her abusive husband who forced her to use drugs and work as a prostitute.  We began tapping with these setup statements:

Even though I felt emotionally rejected and hurt by my father and husband…

Even though I’m afraid my husband will find me and hurt me again, I choose to believe I’m safe in this house and will never see him again…

Even though so many men have hurt and abused me and I am afraid to trust them, I choose to release these old fears and allow peaceful, kind men into my life…

Even though I was scared about walking that painful, dangerous path for so many years, I now choose to feel safe and let my feet heal to carry me to my perfect new job…

I asked Vivian to think about these frightening situations and tell me how she felt.  She replied that she felt no fear, physically lighter and confident that her new path would be much more enjoyable than her previous one!

SMT indicated that all fears causing the pain and swelling were gone but her foot pain was at level of intensity of 2 out of 10 and not 0 out of 10.  My intuition told me that that the swelling had to go down for the pain to vanish.  According to my muscle testing, her feet would feel better in two days. 

When I called the safe house the next week, the program director told me that Vivian was out job hunting, her feet now free of pain and swelling as predicted.  Some of the other house residents were so impressed with Vivian’s results that they began experimenting with EFT, too!

Colleen Flanagan, EFT-ADV


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